Wife Decides to Divorce Husband After Cancer Diagnosis

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Is it ever okay to divorce a spouse over sickness?

Discovering that a loved one has a sickness that could potentially be fatal is one of the most heartbreaking realities there is.

In 2019, data from the CDC showed that close to 1,800,000 new cancer cases were reported that year, and unfortunately 600,000 people passed away from their diagnosis.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a wife makes the devastating decision to divorce her husband after they learn that he has cancer.

Is it ever okay to divorce a spouse over sickness?

A Reddit post published on July 19th, reported on by Kate Fowler from Newsweek, has gone viral with 8,600 upvotes and close to 400 comments.

The author goes on to explain that she and her husband have been a couple since they were in college, and are now in their early 30s.

Unfortunately, the husband was diagnosed with cancer over a year ago, and the couple is now creeping towards bankruptcy as they try to pay off their medical bills.

The couple has been struggling to deal with the balance of both paying off their medical debt, while also navigating the trauma and devastation of the husband's potentially fatal diagnosis.

Medical divorce is a reality in the US, due to the ineffective healthcare system.

Medical divorce is an actual phenomenon that is often used to help a couple qualify for Medicaid, in the cases that they are too wealthy to qualify with their salaries combined, but also too poor to be able to afford the medical expenses that they're facing.

The author went to a seminar to get advice for people in her situation, and how to resolve the debt that they have, and in a private meeting with a lawyer he advised that they should get divorced.

The reason for this decision is so that the debt won't weigh on the wife in case the husband passes away. If that were to happen, the author would lose everything, shortly after losing her husband. The author is entirely heartbroken that the couple is faced with this potential scenario.

What do you think? Is the author a bad person for even considering divorcing her husband over his cancer? Or is this not the wife's fault in any way, and is simply an unfortunate byproduct of issues with the broken US healthcare system?

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