Man Steals from IVF Treatment Fund, 'It’s Her Problem'

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Should married couples be equally invested in doing what it takes to conceive?

Many married couples may ultimately choose down the line to try and get pregnant so that they can start a family. But this doesn't always come easy.

Data shows that infertility struggles are more common than one would think, affecting 1 in 5 women in America.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a husband refuses to help his wife fund her IVF treatments, telling her that it's her problem to deal with because her body is the one that is struggling to carry a pregnancy to term.

Should married couples be equally invested in doing what it takes to conceive?

A Reddit post published on June 28th, reported on by Matt Keely from Newsweek, has gone viral with 20,600 upvotes and 3,800 comments.

The author goes on to explain that she and her husband have been trying to get pregnant for some time, but they've been having some trouble. For that reason, they started an in-vitro fertilization (IVF) fund. However, after several failed attempts, the husband has decided to wash his hands of the issue.

The author goes on to explain that it's been incredibly painful to go through IVF treatments, both physically and emotionally. But that situation was made even worse when she learned that her husband had taken the bulk of their money from the fund—$7,000 out of a total of $11,000—and loaned it to his high school friend without her permission.

According to the husband, his friend was complaining about an ‘old junk car’, so the husband took the money out of their IVF fund to buy his friend a new one as a loan.

Infertility is an incredibly painful reality.

For those who really wish to have children, infertility is something that is very difficult to deal with, and can feel like a nightmare. This sort of stress can also cause a lot of tension in a marriage.

The author was incredibly livid when she learned this information, and the husband argued that it would be fine because the friend said he would pay them back. The author ultimately messaged the friend and demanded that he send the money back, otherwise, she would call the police to get them involved if he refused.

The money was ultimately returned, but the friend was upset about the threat to involve the police, and her husband is accusing her of being "unhinged and selfish". The author clarified that he had loaned out the money she had saved up, as well as inheritance money, that had created the IVF fund, and that he hadn't helped much with it at all.

The husband ultimately told his wife that because her body is the one with fertility problems, it's ‘her problem’ to deal with and she should pay for the IVF entirely herself.

What do you think? Does the husband have a point that his wife should be responsible for IVF treatments considering she is the one who is struggling to carry a pregnancy to term? Or is the husband incredibly selfish and delusional to say something so horrible to his wife, and the author should run for the hills before it's too late?

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