Woman Horrified by DNA Paternity Results

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Should some secrets be kept in the dark?

It's within our nature as human beings to want to know where we come from. Family and lineage are something that we feel very attached to, which explains the increased popularity of online DNA and lineage tests.

With that said, every family has secrets. And once someone starts to dig into a family's history or DNA, the secrets can become known and expose some very dark realities.

This sort of situation was highlighted in a recent online post in which a young woman does a DNA test and discovers a dark family secret.

Should some secrets be kept in the dark?

A Reddit post published on June 27th, reported on by Samantha Berlin from Newsweek, has gone viral with 18,300 upvotes and close to 900 comments.

The author begins her post by explaining that her sister has always been intrigued by her lineage, because she doesn’t actually know who her biological father is. In her curiosity, the sister started taking some DNA ancestry tests to try and get some answers.

The author adds that their mother has always admitted that there were two possible men who could be the sister’s biological father. However, her sister was disappointed to not get any hits or results when she did her search. She also tried with her mother’s lineage, but still no results came up.

The author says that her sister’s birthday has always been noteworthy, because there was a record set at the hospital for ‘most babies born in one day’—all of which were girls. This bit of information would ultimately come back to shock the entire family.

A secret becomes exposed.

As the mother reminisced about her daughter’s birth, she recounted to the author that they’d brought in a specialist specifically for the birth, because the sister had shown up as smaller than she should have been on ultrasounds. That said, the mother goes on to say that her daughter was the ‘second-largest baby’ born that day, so the doctors must have made a mistake.

After hearing this, the author got a little suspicious, and took another look at her mother and sister’s DNA results side-by-side. She noticed a discrepancy in how the DNA matched, and when she brought it up, everyone just reasoned that it was because the samples were from two different DNA companies.

However, the sister, also boggled by this information, logged back into her DNA results to find that a new paternal grandparent had been listed. The sister asked her mom which of the two potential biological fathers this paternal grandparent was linked to, but the mom didn’t recognize the name. After some more digging, the author and her family came to the horrifying realization that the sister had been switched at birth. And not only that, but her biological father was a convicted criminal, and her biological mother was his victim, resulting in the sister’s conception.

What would you do if you learned that you were switched at birth, and the family you’ve been raised with isn’t at all linked to you from a biological foundation?

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