Woman Refuses to Help Brother Keep Custody of Children

Gillian Sisley

Whose responsibility is it to ensure a parent retains custody of their kids?

Being a parent is an absolutely difficult job, and in some cases, it is too difficult a job for certain parents. When this happens, other family members or CPS may get involved.

With that said, even if a parent loses custody of their children, they will often fight tooth and nail to regain that custody. It can be a long and messy journey to regain custody once it's been removed.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a woman refuses to help her brother keep custody of his own children, resulting in major family conflict.

Whose responsibility is it to ensure a parent retains custody of their kids?

A Reddit post published on June 23rd, reported on by Amanda Spence from Newsweek, has gone viral with 9,900 upvotes and 1,600 comments.

The author begins her post by explaining that her brother is currently going through a very “nasty custody battle” with his ex, and it's so far looking like he will lose custody of his children. All of this began when the brother had an affair and continued to see the other woman, even after his wife found out.

Heartbroken by the affair, the brother's wife moved out of the house with the two kids and suffered a 'mental breakdown' of sorts. To make matters even worse, the author clarifies that one day her brother took his kids to the park, but after that, he ‘never took them back home’ and wouldn't let his wife see them.

The author explains that her sister-in-law didn't want any family to get involved, and instead just wanted her husband to bring the children back to her. However, the sister-in-law's dad and brother have learned about the situation, and they are using both their money and connections to make the brother look very bad in court and are trying to ensure that he loses custody of his children.

Affairs and custody disputes can get very messy.

The author adds that she didn't want to involve herself in any of this mess, but her family insists on only discussing the custody case because they're scared that they'll never get to see the kids again if the brother loses custody.

To make matters even more interesting, the author is currently in a "casual intimate relationship" with her sister-in-law's brother. Knowing this, the author's own brother asked for her to "look through the guy's phone" to see if there is anything that made his wife look bad that could "help him with his custody case".

Although everyone in the family thought this was a fantastic idea, the author entirely refused to do it. Her brother became very upset with her, accusing her of not caring about whether or not he loses his kids. Upset by the entire situation as well, the author spat back at him by saying he should expect to lose his children considering "how badly he messed up".

What do you think? Should the author help her brother out and snoop through her partner's phone to find evidence to blackmail the sister-in-law? Or has the brother dug his own grave, and he shouldn't be using his sister as a tool to gain information about his upcoming custody battle?

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