Woman Refuses to Pay for Sister's IVF Procedures After $30K in Donations

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Should family always help each other out, no matter the cost?

Raising children is an incredibly costly endeavor. The average cost of raising a kid in the US to age 17 is $233,000.

With that said, not every family can get pregnant through natural means, and may have to use some sort of medical intervention such as IVF or surrogacy to be able to fulfill their dreams of having a child. Once these medical interventions come into play, even trying to start a family becomes an incredible financial burden.

This sort of situation was highlighted in a recent online post in which a woman demands that her sister pays for her fertility treatments, and the sister refuses to do so, which results in massive family conflict.

Should family always help each other out, no matter the cost?

A Reddit post published on June 14th, reported on by Rebecca Flood from Newsweek, has gone viral with 6,500 upvotes and 1,000 comments

The author begins her post by explaining that her sister, who is 29, has been struggling with fertility issues for 5 years now. The author, 34 years old herself, reveals that some of her sister's failed pregnancy attempts were so high risk that she had to quit her job for her health.

The author also adds that because she's not married and doesn't plan to have children, her parents are so desperate to have a grandchild that they're doing everything they can to support her sister in getting pregnant. The parents have been working with other family members to set up a donation fund for more IVF procedures.

The author explains that it started off with a group of 25 people who were regularly contributing financially, but over the years it's gone down to seven people. The author herself gave about $7,000 a year to her sister, amounting in $30,000 in total. Since the fund was started, she explains that there has been nothing but pressure from her family to donate more on her end, despite the significant funds she's already given.

Infertility is an incredibly painful reality.

Statistics show that about 1 in 6 women struggle with infertility. Infertility is defined as a person's inability to get pregnant or carry a pregnancy to term after one year of trying.

The author states that her sister has been taking out loan after loan to pay for the IVF treatments, and that she's always very stressed about it. That stress is being projected on the author on a regular basis.

The author has ultimately decided that she would like to invest in her dream, which is to start a business. For this reason, she stopped giving money to the IVF fund for her sister in order to invest that money instead into her dream business. She adds that she spent years feeling like she was just being used for the money, and was just a doormat.

As soon as the sister found out that the author would no longer be contributing money, she flipped out and caused a scene, accusing the author of being ‘cruel and greedy’ with her money. The author says that this is ironic considering she's the one who's been contributing the most to the fund over the years compared to any other person in the family.

What do you think? Is the author being ‘cruel and greedy’ by refusing to continue contributing to her sister's IVF fund? Or is 5 years and $30,000 generous enough, and the author should absolutely pursue her dreams of starting a business now?

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