Dad of 3 Decides He 'Doesn't Want to be a Father Anymore'

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Are stepparents responsible for funding their stepchildren’s lives?

Integrating into a new family as a step-parent can be an incredibly tricky process. This can be especially difficult if the children are not in support of the new step-parent joining their life, and rebel at the idea.

However, another common situation is when an ex-spouse complicates matters because they do not like the new step-parent in their children's lives. There are a lot of complex relationships to navigate in these situations.

This sort of situation was highlighted in a recent online post in which an ex-wife demands that a stepmother pays for child support, and the stepmother refuses.

Are stepparents responsible for funding their stepchildren’s lives?

A Reddit post published on June 13th, reported on by Kate Fowler from Newsweek, has gone viral with 11,300 upvotes and 1,500 comments.

The author begins her post by explaining that her husband walked out on their family just a month ago. They have two children together while he also had a daughter from a previous marriage. Though there was no formal custody arrangement with the author's stepdaughter, they would often look after her every other weekend. The husband would also pay his ex-wife child support at the beginning of every month.

The author's husband woke up one day and decided that he ‘didn't want to be a father anymore’, and thus he left after changing his number and blocking his wife on all social media. This made contact virtually impossible.

The author goes on to explain that she has been a stay-at-home mother for some time, and she was talking with her husband about her going back to the workforce but it hadn't happened yet. Her husband was the main source of income in the family, giving her money to buy groceries, pay bills, and anything the kids needed. Now that source of income is entirely gone.

Becoming a parent is no small responsibility.

A person should only choose to be a parent if it's something they really want to do. There's a reason people call this the hardest job in the world, and it comes with a lot of strain, stress, and financial burden. But once you bring children into the world, you are responsible for them.

The author explains that her husband's ex-wife recently contacted her via text and demanded that the author start paying child support previously received from her ex-husband, which comes out to $900 a month. The ex-wife explained that she and her husband are struggling to pay the bills right now and rely on that child support to make ends meet.

The author went back immediately and said she couldn't afford to do so, as she herself has no form of income and is about to start receiving government benefits. She also made it clear that it's not her job as a stepmother to pay child support for the ex-wife's daughter. The ex-wife immediately blew up on the phone and threatened to keep her daughter away from the author's children so that the siblings wouldn't be able to see each other anymore.

What do you think? Is it the stepmother's responsibility to cover her husband's child support payments now that he's run off and abandon the family? Or is this absolutely not the author's responsibility, and she needs to look after her own family instead?

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