Woman Refuses to Allow 'Bully' Niece to Join on Vacation

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Is it ever justifiable to exclude a family member from a vacation?

After many years of the pandemic affecting travel plans around the world, things are finally opening up again and people are able to travel more comfortably.

For many, this may be an opportunity to see family members again or have a family retreat of some sort so that people can reconnect.

These very realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a woman refuses to allow her niece to come on vacation because she is a ‘bully’, resulting in major family conflict.

Is it ever justifiable to exclude a family member from a vacation?

A Reddit post published on June 14th, reported on by Alice Gibbs from Newsweek, has gone viral with 9,700 upvotes and close to 900 comments.

The author begins her post by clarifying that she and her family are planning a week-long holiday at a vacation home they inherited from her husband's parents. They're bringing their three kids along with them, and the husband suggested bringing along some mutual friends as well as their two daughters.

The friends ultimately cannot come, and it was after that information spread around the family that the author's sister-in-law asked if her 12-year-old daughter could come along with them for a week-long vacation. The author immediately said, "no, under no circumstances".

The reason for her blunt refusal is that the author does not like her niece, and can barely tolerate her sister-in-law. The niece will often act out and excuses are made for her behavior, and she is a big bully to both children and adults, including the author's kids.

Is anyone entitled to the vacation of another person?

The sister-in-law told the author that her daughter needs a ‘mental health break’ from school, and that's why she insists that her sister go along for a week-long vacation with the family.

The author has made it clear that she will not be bringing her niece along, because this is meant to be a family vacation for relaxing, not a week of having to navigate her niece who is a massive headache.

The sister-in-law is now furious with the author and her husband, saying that her child needs a break and she feels that the author is being unnecessarily harsh by not willingly bringing the niece along with them.

What do you think? Is the author entirely justified to refuse to bring her bully niece along on her family vacation? Or should she have more empathy for her sister-in-law and niece, and give the niece the "mental health break" she feels she so rightly deserves?

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