Mother-in-Law Refuses to Throw Out Used Pregnancy Test

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Are some sentimental items too inappropriate to keep?

When a person believes they're pregnant, generally one of the first things they're going to do is use a pregnancy test. This can either be a terrifying or exciting time, depending on the results that come up.

And while it's generally commonplace for partners to show one another a pregnancy test to confirm the results, it's not as common for family members to keep used pregnancy tests from their children or in-laws.

But that exact situation has been highlighted in a recent online post in which a woman is furious after learning that her mother-in-law has kept her used pregnancy test for her most recent pregnancy.

Are some sentimental items too inappropriate to keep?

A Reddit post published on June 12th, reported on by Alice Gibbs from Newsweek, has gone viral with 16,800 upvotes and 3,100 comments. The author begins her post by explaining that she recently found out that she’s pregnant, and her family and husband are very excited.

Her husband has been married before and tried to have children, but it didn't happen. Thus, when the author became pregnant, his family in particular was very excited, and his mother was looking forward to being a first-time grandmother.

With that said, the husband's family threw a celebration dinner for the expectant parents, and during that time the author was talking to her mother-in-law. The mother-in-law stated how she'd already started making memories by having keepsakes for the baby, and was excited to collect more.

The author was confused and asked what she could already have since they just become pregnant. The mother-in-law then confirmed that the author's husband had brought her his wife's used pregnancy test so that she could hold on to it as a ‘sentimental momento’ for her first grandchild.

Certain items are for personal use only.

The author was floored by this information, and she immediately went off on both her husband and mother-in-law, stating that it was 'creepy, disgusting and highly violating' that they would keep the pregnancy test that she had used as a momento.

Her husband said that it wasn't such a big deal, he just picked the test out of the trash when she threw it out, and then gifted it to his mother as a ‘keepsake’. The author reiterated that it made her feel violated that he had given a test with her urine on it to his mother as a gift.

The author's husband immediately started shaming her for overreacting to the situation and ruining his entire family's joy over their pregnancy because of her behavior.

What do you think? Is the author entirely justified that she felt violated after learning that her mother-in-law was keeping her pregnancy test as a keepsake? Or is it really not that big a deal considering she'd thrown the test in the trash, so it was going to be garbage anyway?

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