Wife Refuses to Use Inheritance to Pay Off Husband's Student Loans

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Who is rightfully entitled to a person’s inheritance?

When a loved one passes away, it isn't uncommon for them to leave some sort of inheritance to their family. This can include possessions, heirlooms, or money.

While receiving an inheritance is a privilege rather than a right, some people can get very wrapped up in feeling entitled to the property or finances of a deceased family member. These sorts of conflicts can create a lot of strain, tension, and even lead to criminal acts being committed for financial gain.

This sort of situation was highlighted in a recent online post in which a woman inherits money from a family member, and her husband demands that she use it to pay off his student loans.

Who is rightfully entitled to a person’s inheritance?

A Reddit post published on May 26th, reported on by Jack Beresford from Newsweek, has gone viral with 9,500 upvotes and 5,400 comments.

The author begins his post by explaining that he is the sole income provider for his household, and has a wife and two children. Over the years he's done what he can to pay off his student debt little by little. With that said, he thought that significant debt was behind them finally after his wife received a ‘large inheritance’ from a family member.

With that said, the husband was shocked when he talked to his wife about using a portion of the inheritance to pay off his student loans, and she refused to do so. Her argument was that the money he'd racked up with school predated their marriage, and thus he was solely responsible for paying off his student loans.

Angered by his wife's response, he replied that he felt it was unfair that she wouldn't use a portion of her inheritance to help pay off his school debt. It was at that point that he told her that since she had now come into money, she would have to use her inheritance to pay for any expenses that ‘were only hers’, and the author would then use the leftover funds from his income to pay off his debt faster.

Marriage is about partnership.

When a person decides to marry another person, they are committing to living life together as a duo who shares finances, responsibilities, and other realities of life.

Generally, married couples view any income brought into the household as shared income, rather than belonging to one person more than the other. This is generally done under the understanding that both parties are contributing to their shared lifestyle equally with their efforts, and not necessarily measuring that contribution by the money they are bringing in.

As soon as the author said that he was going to cut his wife off from some finances, she immediately accused him of 'being controlling with money' as well as 'abusing his position as the sole earner' of the family, while she takes care of the children.

What do you think? Is the wife right in that her husband is abusing his power as a sole earner in order to spite her for not sharing her inheritance? Or is it reasonable that the husband would request that his wife use a portion of her inheritance to pay off his student loans, considering his debt is also her debt since they're married?

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