Gay Coworker Refuses to Take Paternity Test

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How much paranoia is a coworker required to entertain?

Being a member of the LGBTQIA+ community is not easy in today's current society. With routine and regular experiences of micro and macro aggressions, having to accommodate the ignorance of others becomes a frustrating routine for this community.

That said, while a couple getting pregnant is often good news, when there are suspicions of cheating involved, it can make the entire situation a nightmare.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a gay man is harassed by a coworker who is demanding he take a paternity test to prove whether or not the gay man fathered the coworker's newborn baby.

How much paranoia is a coworker required to entertain?

A Reddit post published on May 21st, reported on by Sara Santora from Newsweek, has gone viral with 14,500 upvotes and 1,700 comments.

The author begins his post by explaining that he is a gay man, and that his coworker Robert recently had his fourth child, a daughter named Chelsea. Robert has three other sons, and they all resemble him quite a bit with a tanned complexion and bleach blonde hair. However, the author's newborn daughter, who is now 2-months-old, was born with very pale skin and curly red hair.

The author explains that when he met his coworker's daughter, he was excited to see that the newborn baby was a redhead just like him. However, the father is less pleased by his daughter's coloring and appearance, and has been complaining for weeks that his daughter ‘feels like a stranger’ to him and that he swears she must have been fathered by another man. The author laughed these comments off, thinking the father of the newborn was just overtired and stressed.

After weeks of Robert complaining about how little of himself he sees in his daughter, the author did his best to explain how genetics work, including how the red hair gene works. To the author's great dismay, Robert didn't seem to hear a single thing that he said, and has instead convinced himself that his wife cheated on him with the author, and thus the author is the father of his newborn baby.

The red hair gene is uncommon.

Taking a look back at elementary biology class, for a baby to have red hair both of their parents need to carry this recessive gene. Neither parent has to have red hair themselves to have a baby with red hair, but they do have to carry the gene. And if they both do, there's a 25% chance that the child could be born with red hair.

The author explains that Robert showed up to work looking as if he wanted to have an argument with everyone in the office, and out of nowhere he blew up saying that he knows Chelsea is not his daughter, and then he looked over at the author and yelled at him to meet him outside. When the author asked why, Robert demanded that the author take a paternity test.

The author goes on to add some further context by saying that he and Robert's wife are friends outside of work, and that's primarily the reason that he believes he's been accused of having an affair with his co-worker's wife. The author refused to take the paternity test, and then texted Robert's wife to tell her what had happened. Not long after, the author's fiancé received text messages from Robert, stating that he'd been kicked out of his home and that it was the author's fault for ruining his marriage.

While friends know the author isn’t the father of Robert’s baby, they still believe he should have just taken the test to ‘appease Robert's insecurities’. The author believes this is a ridiculous request. What do you think? Was the author justified in outright refusing to take the test and prove Robert wrong?

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