Bride Refuses to Cancel Wedding Over Sister-in-Law's Divorce

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Should a bride ever call off the best day of her life to appease someone else’s sorrow?

After so many wedding delays due to the pandemic, it's safe to say that there are a lot of brides and grooms who are excited to finally tie the knot and have the best day of their lives.

With that said, while a wedding day may be the best day of a person's life at the time, that won't guarantee that the marriage can survive in the long run. Data shows that 4 out of 10 marriages end in divorce.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a woman demands that a couple cancel their wedding because she is separating from her husband.

Should a bride ever call off the best day of her life to appease someone else’s sorrow?

A Reddit post published on May 22nd, reported on by Rebecca Flood from Newsweek, has gone viral with 13,200 upvotes and 1,800 comments.

The author begins her post by explaining that she's due to get married soon. With that said, she just learned that her fiance's sister has been cheated on for the last 2 years by her husband, and so they are now getting a divorce. Of course, the sister—who is also a mother of three—is very distraught by this.

With that said, while the bride and her groom are sympathetic to the situation, their family has been trying to pressure them into a very odd request. They're all saying that the two should cancel their wedding in 'solidarity and support' of the bride's sister-in-law.

Though the bride can appreciate that attending her wedding might be hard on her sister-in-law, considering she's getting divorced now, the bride is having difficulty understanding why the divorce of someone else should mean that her wedding gets canceled entirely.

Weddings are no small thing.

The wedding industry brings in $60 billion in the US alone each year, so this is a thriving industry that people pay a lot of money into. It's understandable why couples can get so wrapped up in the details and want everything to be exactly how they like it.

The groom has gone to his family and made it clear that they will not be canceling the wedding, and has expressed that he thinks it's utterly unreasonable that they should do that solely because his sister is now getting divorced.

With that said, family has not taken well to the couple refusing to cancel their nuptials, and the bride and groom are now being called 'extremely selfish and inconsiderate’ by the groom's side of the family.

What do you think? Should the bride and groom call off their wedding to support the sister-in-law who is now getting divorced? Or does the divorce have nothing to do with the couple’s wedding, and thus there's no rational reason to cancel the wedding just because someone else's marriage is falling apart?

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