Grandma Refuses to Offer Free Childcare Services

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Grandparents should not be viewed as free babysitters.

While in-laws have been known to get a bad reputation for being interfering or nosy, not all in-laws cause trouble. In many cases, they can offer assistance and support to couples that can really help.

With that said, the pandemic has caused difficulties for parents in terms of finding adequate childcare. Childcare costs have risen, while spots have reduced or lessened. Some parents have reported that there simply isn't any affordable childcare available for them where they live.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a couple demands that a mother-in-law looks after their newborn child for free for an entire year, and the grandmother outright refuses.

Grandparents should not be viewed as free babysitters.

A Reddit post published on May 18th, reported on by Taylor McCloud from Newsweek, has gone viral with 4,300 upvotes and 577 comments.

The author begins her post by explaining that when her youngest son welcomed his first baby, she was able to take a year off of work to help out. She was hoping to be able to do the same for her oldest son, but because of a recent divorce, her financial situation won't allow for this.

The author reveals that her oldest son has just had his first child a month ago, and he's requesting that she do the same for him as she did for his brother. However, she has explained to him that she can't afford to take a year off work because she has bills and rent to pay, and her financial situation is a lot tougher due to her recent divorce.

With that said, her son is furious with her for not being able to offer a year's worth of free childcare and has even suggested that she just quit her job so that she can help look after his infant son for a year. The mother refuses to do so, but she has offered to provide them with babysitting whenever she's available. This offer wasn't good enough for her son.

Childcare shortages are a real issue.

Due to the pandemic and shortages of accessible childcare, many have turned to family members to fill in the gaps. While this can be nice to have, it's important to remember that this is a generous offer of help, and not something that should be expected or demanded of one's family.

Since refusing to quit her job to help with his infant child full time for a year, the author's son has accused her of favoritism because she provided a year of childcare to his brother, but not him.

The son has ultimately gone to call his mother a ‘bad mom’ for treating her children differently. To make the situation even more upsetting, he hasn't allowed her to meet her grandchild in person because he is so furious that she won't quit her job to help them raise his newborn child.

What do you think? Is the son right, and his mom is showing favoritism to his sibling by not offering a year's worth of free childcare? Or is the son absolutely delusional and needs to recognize that life circumstances change, and he's lucky to have a grandparent who's willing to babysit as often as the author is offering?

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