Man Threatens to Call Police on Black Woman Because Son 'Looks White'

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Is there ever a justifiable reason to racially profile someone else?

Although the United States is meant to be a culturally diverse and accepting country, everyday acts of racism and microaggressions are very common.

Racial profiling especially has been highlighted in the media and online through videos documenting the experiences of POC (People of Color) in the US. More often than not, POC in these videos are being harassed by White people.

This exact sort of situation was highlighted in a recent online post in which a neighbor tapes a note on the author's door, making a comment about how her son ‘doesn't look like her’, and is threatening to contact the police unless their demands are met.

Is there ever a justifiable reason to racially profile someone else?

A Reddit post published on March 15th, reported on by Sarah Santora from Newsweek, has gone viral with an impressive 36,900 upvotes and 3,600 comments.

The author shared a picture of the note under the Reddit thread called 'That's Insane', and it has collected a lot of traction online in the last few days. The author is a Black woman, and she is the mother of a young boy. She adds that her son is 'very white passing', meaning that he has a complexion light enough for people to mistake him for a white person.

In response to this reality, the author claims that a neighbor left a shocking note on her front door. The note reads,

"Couldn't help but notice that your “son” doesn't look like you. Interesting...don't think it's possible for you to birth a white baby. Please send documentation to prove he is yours to my number below or police will be called! Thanks."

Families come in all shapes and sizes.

The US Bureau of Census estimates that about 1,300 new families are formed every day in the United States, which makes up 16% of all households. A family doesn't have to be blood-related to be legal, or legitimate.

The neighbor who left the note is being called ignorant online, with many users explaining the basic science of how skin color works, and how it can be affected due to a combination of the parents' complexions, as well as basic ancestry. Genetics passed down from generation to generation can have a significant effect on a person's physical appearance.

If you are being harassed by a neighbor for any reason, call the non-emergency number for your local police and start keeping any form of evidence or paper trail that you can. It's not necessary to file charges at that point, but if a neighbor's harassment continues, at least there is some sort of complaint on file.

What do you think? Is this neighbor justified in being concerned that the author's complexion does not match that of her child? Or is this neighbor a completely ignorant and racist individual, and needs to learn more about minding their own business?

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