Wife Horrified that Divorce is a 'Life Goal' for Her Husband

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Should anyone ever aim to get divorced without communicating their concerns to their partner?

Marriage certainly isn't free of its challenges, and that's precisely why it takes a lot of work and patience to have a healthy marriage.

With that said, it's still not easy, and a lot of couples struggle to find a good balance. Not everyone can resolve their issues, which is why over 650,000 divorces take place in the US each year.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a woman discovers that her husband has a goal of getting divorced from her, but she had to find out about it from his 'Life Goals Notebook’.

Should anyone ever aim to get divorced without communicating their concerns to their partner?

A Reddit post published on May 14th, reported on by Dennis Primbet from Newsweek, has gone viral with 13,400 upvotes and 1,900 comments.

The author begins her post by explaining that she and her husband have been happily married for 3 years now, and they were about to try for a baby together, as they felt this was the next natural step in their marriage.

The author then adds that her husband had been offered an overseas job opportunity that he really wanted to take, but he didn't accept it because his wife objected to living abroad. She wasn't ready to completely ‘uproot her life and leave home’. They haven't talked about the issue since.

However, the author stumbled upon her husband's 'Life Goals Notebook', and under the yearly goal section, he had written 'divorce' underneath it. She clarifies that he'd only bought this book a month ago.

Communication is the foundation of any healthy relationship.

No matter how close you may be to someone, it's not practical to expect or think you can read their mind. Human beings are not telepathic in nature, and so we have to communicate with one another in order to be able to address each other’s needs and concerns.

The author was entirely shocked to discover this, as she had no prior warning that there was anything broken enough in her marriage to warrant even entertaining the conversation of divorce. She has yet to bring this up with her husband, and she doesn't know what to say or how to act because he's acting as if nothing is wrong.

She's afraid of what her husband might be planning in the future, because suddenly the foundation of what she thought their life was going to be like feels shaky. She's so devastated, and isn't sure what to do.

What do you think? Should the author keep her new discovery to herself, and just chalk it up to a bad day on her husband’s part? Or should she have a conversation with her partner about what she discovered, and definitely have that conversation before they start trying for kids?

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