Mom Refuses to Let Reckless Driver Get Away with Crime

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How far should a parent go to protect their kids?

Mothers have a biological instinct to protect their young, and that instinct can encourage them to go to great lengths to make sure their children are safe.

With that said, we don't live in a world that is always necessarily safe for children. Data shows that 7 million arrests take place in the US every year, and a portion of those arrests will involve the endangerment of kids.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a reckless driver drives through a field that children were playing in, and their mom chases her and calls to the police to make sure she's reprimanded for her actions.

How far should a parent go to protect their kids?

A Reddit post published on May 12th, reported on by Taylor McCloud from Newsweek, has gone viral with 7,600 upvotes and 600 comments.

The author begins by explaining that her two young children were playing with a ball in a field while she was working to train the family's dog. With that said, she was absolutely shocked when a sports utility vehicle started speeding directly toward her and her family.

She then explains that the woman hopped the curb and sped right past her kids, just 6 feet away from them. One of the kids screamed, while the dog charged the car in a protective instinct. The woman in the car just kept driving.

The author also explains that a lot of the skin on her hands was burned off when her dog rushed at the car and the leash whipped through her fingers, and at that point, she got her children inside before heading over to confront the reckless driver who had just stopped at the edge of the field.

Reckless driving is a serious crime.

There's a reason it's required to have a license to drive a car, or any vehicle. Cars have the potential of causing serious harm, and potentially causing death as well if they hit someone. Being negligent with a motor vehicle is not something that law enforcement takes lightly.

When the author got to the car, she screamed at the woman that she nearly ran over her kids and her dog, but the driver didn't seem to care all that much. The driver essentially said that she didn't want to have to walk, and she'll ‘drive however which way she wants’.

The author then went inside and called the police, giving them the license plate number and explaining what happened, while also showing them security footage from her cameras. Though the author feels she's done the right thing, her husband told her she overreacted by behaving the way she did, and was just being ‘overdramatic’.

What do you think? Was the mother's instinct to call the police on the woman who charged through the field with her SUV justified? Or did she truly overreact, like her husband has said, and she should have just let it go even though the woman almost hit her kids?

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