Mother-in-Law Secretly Joins Married Couple Vacation Abroad

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Is there ever a valid reason for a mother-in-law to join a couple for a private vacation?

It isn't always easy to have a spouse, and for that reason, it takes a lot of intention and work to make a marriage stay on a healthy track.

With that said, when a person gets married, the family of their spouse comes along with them. That can be a good thing, but more often than not it can create a few issues if a person doesn't get along well with their in-laws, or their partner seems incapable of distancing themselves from their family, such as creating healthy boundaries with their mother.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a husband and wife are going on a couples trip together abroad, and the husband secretly invites his mother to join them without consulting his wife.

Is there ever a valid reason for a mother-in-law to join a couple for a private vacation?

A Reddit post published on March 11th, reported on by Taylor McLeod from Newsweek, has gone viral with an impressive 35,600 upvotes and 6,100 comments.

The author begins her post by stating that she has always had a difficult relationship with her mother-in-law, even calling it 'toxic'. With that said, she tries her best to take it in strides, but things recently crossed the line after she and her husband had a two-week international vacation planned together.

When the mother-in-law heard that the two were going on vacation, she demanded that she be able to come along, and when she was told ‘no’ she would throw temper tantrums. She would call, text, send people to their house, and even threatened to call the police and make a complaint unless the couple let her come on vacation with them.

The husband told his wife that they should just ‘let her come along to keep the peace’, but the wife refused. The husband ultimately said that he wouldn't go on the trip if his mother couldn't come and the wife said that if that was his choice that was fine, but she would go on the vacation regardless.

Issues with in-laws can create a lot of tension for a couple.

In-laws who interfere a lot in a couple's relationship, or insist on being involved in activities that are only the couple's business, can create a lot of issues in a marriage. Science has even proven that those who have in-laws who overstep their bounds on a regular basis can increase a couple's chances of divorce by at least 20%.

On the departure date for the vacation, the author and her husband arrived at the airport, but she had a sneaky suspicion that something was wrong. As they were walking through the airport, her husband went further ahead and was looking around as if he was trying to find someone. And when they arrived at the waiting area, the author saw her mother-in-law standing there with her luggage.

The author froze once she saw this, became absolutely enraged, and quietly turned around and started walking towards the exit. The husband followed her and demanded that she stop, and told her she was overreacting and that his mom was there now anyway, so they should just ‘let it go and not mess up the trip’. The author told him that he was welcome to go on the trip with his mother, but she was going home.

What do you think? Was the author entirely justified to be furious that her mother-in-law was secretly coming on vacation with them, and was she justified to walk away and not go? Or is the author overreacting, and shouldn't make such a big deal out of her mother-in-law crashing her international vacation with her husband?

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