Mom Takes Son's Savings to Pay for Stepson's Car

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Should a parent ever feel entitled to take the savings of one of their children for their own use?

There's nothing simple about being a parent, and a lot of the time parents can wonder whether or not they're making the right choices and decisions for their kids.

This anxiety of making the right decision gets even more severe when parents choose to get a divorce or separate, increasing the complicated and difficult feelings that their child may already have.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a mother steals her son's savings so that she can help her stepson pay for fixes on his car.

Should a parent ever feel entitled to take the savings of one of their children for their own use?

A Reddit post published on May 10th, reported on by Dennis Primbet from Newsweek, has gone viral with 19,500 upvotes and 1,200 comments.

The author begins her post by clarifying that her 19-year-old stepson recently was gifted a car by his biological mother. The biological family is well off, so they were able to get a car for him. While she was happy for her stepson, her own 17-year-old son had the opposite reaction. He complained that it was ‘unfair’ that his stepbrother got a car, but he didn't.

The author explained to her son that that wasn't how things worked, and told him that his complaints were 'unreasonable'. As a 'compromise', the son suggested that he also get to take part in driving the car, and if not, then the parents should get rid of it so that things could 'be fair'.

She made it clear that neither of those options were going to happen, as the car belongs to his stepbrother, so he shouldn't feel entitled to be able to drive it without permission. With that said, the 17-year-old threw a fit and damaged the step-brother's car by throwing paint on it, breaking the lights, and completely damaging the front.

Some children may have trouble adapting to step-siblings.

As if the separation of their parents wasn't difficult enough, some children will find it especially hard to adapt to having step-siblings and having to share the attention of their parents, a home, and lifestyle.

Upon discovering the damage, the stepbrother was absolutely devastated, and his father was livid. After checking the footage recorded from their driveway security camera, they were able to confirm that it was the 17-year-old who damaged the car.

The mother immediately decided that her 17-year-old son would have to use his camp savings from the summer to pay for all the damages. The 17-year-old completely lost it, accusing his mother of favoritism. He ultimately told his mom that it was ‘her fault that all this happened’, because she refused to ‘treat the children fairly’ and get him a car too.

What do you think? Was the author entirely justified to demand that her son pay for the damages he caused to his step-brother's car? Or did she take things a bit too far, and should cut him some slack?

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