Pregnant Mom Called 'Fake Feminist' for Accepting Help from Husband

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How much special treatment should pregnant people get?

Pregnancy is no walk in the park. In fact, it takes a real toll on a person's body, and can cause a lot of general discomforts. Many people acknowledge all of the discomfort that a pregnant person goes through, and believe that pregnant people do deserve some accommodation.

With that said, there are others who believe that pregnant people deserve absolutely no accommodation, and that they've brought their discomfort upon themselves.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a pair of coworkers harass a pregnant woman because she allows her husband to drive her to work and carry her things for her, which they claim ‘goes against feminism’.

How much special treatment should pregnant people get?

A Reddit post published on May 5th, reported on by Taylor McCloud from Newsweek, has gone viral with 21,300 upvotes and 1,500 comments.

The author begins her post by explaining that she is currently 15 weeks pregnant with her first child, and her husband drives her to work every day, and also carries her work supplies in and out of the office for her on a regular basis. Her husband has volunteered to do these extra duties as a way to take off any additional strain on her body.

She adds that she's not the first person in her department to get pregnant and have kids, but she is the youngest, and some of her colleagues have been making comments about her husband's habit of helping her bring her things into the office.

Two coworkers, in particular, have told her that she needs to ‘stand up for herself’ and ‘take control of doing things on her own’, rather than letting her husband ‘control her’. The two colleagues continued on by talking about their own pregnancies, and how their husbands never took on any extra duties while they were pregnant. They also accused her of ‘going against feminism’ by letting her husband help her through her pregnancy.

Equality in partnerships is healthy.

While the person who is pregnant is the one carrying the child, it is both people in the partnership who are having a baby together. A partner can help the process by being supportive of the pregnant person, and helping out in whichever way they can to ease the load on them.

The author even adds that one of her colleagues has called her drunk on the weekend and gone on huge rants about how she's going against the 'core values of feminism'.

After another day of comments, the author finally snapped back and said, 'Sorry it bothers you guys that my husband loves me so much'. The colleagues did not take this comment well, and the author is now wondering if she misspoke.

What do you think? Was the author justified in standing up for herself and clapping back after all of the invasive and rude comments she was given? Or do her colleagues have a point in that she should be doing more on her own independently, and her husband should be less supportive of her pregnancy?

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