Dad Cancels Mother's Day After Stepson Excluded

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Can only blood relatives celebrate Mother’s Day?

Families in the US come in many different forms. The US Bureau of Census estimates that 1,300 new families are formed every day, which makes up about 16% of households in the United States being blended families.

With that said, not every person can adapt easily to being in a blended household. Especially after experiencing a divorce or separation, there can sometimes be a bit of tension when it comes to navigating family dynamics.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a father cancels Mother's Day after his new wife purposefully excludes her stepson from the celebration.

Can only blood relatives celebrate Mother’s Day?

A Reddit post published on May 9th, reported on by Rebecca Flood from Newsweek, has gone viral with an incredible 35,100 upvotes and 4,300 comments.

The author begins his post by explaining that he is a widower, and has since remarried his current wife. He brought along a 13-year-old son from his previous marriage, while his new wife brought her 16-year-old daughter.

The author explains that his 13-year-old is a bit more shy, while the wife and stepdaughter are very extroverted. They have especially been encouraging the 13-year-old to go out and socialize with them, pushing him out of his comfort zone. At first the author thought that this was great for his son.

However, the son recently complained about being forced to socialize when he needed more space to himself, and felt like his privacy was being infringed upon somewhat. The author spoke to his wife and stepdaughter and asked them to give the son a bit more space to spend time whichever way he wanted to. They apologized and agreed to let him do his own thing.

As Mother's Day was coming up, the author planned a big celebration with his wife's family at a restaurant. However, he came home a little earlier than usual, in which he heard his wife and stepdaughter talking to his son. The author did not like what he heard.

Adapting to a new step-parent can be challenging.

While children already struggle following the death of a parent, it becomes more of a challenge when their parents go on to date again, and potentially remarry. It's not uncommon for kids to be a bit rebellious with their stepparents as they learn to navigate the new household they're living in.

What the author overheard was shocking. His new wife was telling the 13-year-old that he should convince his father to let him stay home from the restaurant celebrations. The son asked why, and the wife said that his introversion and 'socially inept attitude' would make her family uncomfortable and 'ruin the mood'.

The 13-year-old promised her that he'd behave and interact with everyone, but she eventually snapped at him that technically she ‘wasn't his real mom’ so she didn't understand why he wanted to celebrate Mother's Day with her so badly. The author immediately intervened, told the kids to go to their room, and then informed his wife that he was canceling Mother's Day because of the horrible things she had said to his son.

She tried to claim that he had misunderstood the situation, and hadn't heard the full conversation, but he wasn't interested in talking about it any further. The wife and stepdaughter have since gone to stay with family, and they're not talking to the author right now.

What do you think? Did the author overreact by canceling Mother's Day entirely, and should have given his new wife the benefit of the doubt? Or did he hear everything he needed to, and should first and foremost protect his son from being pushed around by his wife and stepdaughter?

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