Mom Refuses to Let Adult Children Visit Dying Father

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When is a child old enough to travel by themselves?

It's part of the natural maternal instinct for mothers to want to protect their children from anything that can harm them. With that said, sometimes parents can be the ones causing the harm rather than relieving it.

This can especially be the case when a couple chooses to separate or divorce, and doesn't handle the logistics of co-parenting very well. This sort of strain can be incredibly upsetting and difficult for children to navigate.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post and which a mother refuses to let her adult children take a plane to visit their sick father, because she's not comfortable with them traveling on their own.

When is a child old enough to travel by themselves?

A Reddit post published on May 9th, reported on by Ashley Gale from Newsweek, has gone viral with 7,700 upvotes and 4,200 comments.

The author begins her post by explaining that she and her spouse are divorced. They have two children together, both over 18, and the author got full custody of the kids after their father became ill.

With that said, she got a call from her ex-mother-in-law requesting that the kids come to visit their sick father, who lives abroad. The mother-in-law offered to pay for all the plane tickets, and any expenses related to the visit of her grandchildren.

However, the author wasn't entirely on board. She said she was ‘taken aback by the request’, and stated that she ‘wasn't comfortable’ with letting her kids travel on their own. She said she would let them come visit if the mother-in-law also booked the author a ticket, but then she added that she was ‘too busy to travel to another country right now’.

Children traveling alone can be an uncomfortable experience for parents.

When parents are deciding whether or not to let their children travel alone for the first time, they need to take several things into account. Children should know to ask an adult if they need help, bring extra chargers for their technology, and always have identification on them. Of course, these rules apply to children who are minors, while in the story above the children are of adult age.

The mother-in-law begs the author to be more considerate and understanding of the situation, because her son misses his children and really wants to see them. The author suggested that they could video call, but her ex-husband wanted to see his children in person so that he could hug them and be with them, especially because his health is rapidly declining.

She adds that her kids want to go, but she isn't comfortable sending them to another country on their own. The children are very upset with her now and think that she is being unfair and keeping them away from their father, especially because this could be the last chance they get to see him.

What do you think? Are the mother's concerns justified, and her children shouldn't be traveling alone at ages 18 and 19? Or is the mother being petty and unreasonable, and just seems to be making excuses so that her ex-husband doesn't get to see his kids before he passes away?

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