Father Refuses to Rehome Cat

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Should a pet ever take precedence over a romantic partner?

Dating isn't at all easy. It can often feel impossible to find a person who shares chemistry with you and who is a good fit in your life. If it was easy, everyone would happily be in healthy relationships, which is obviously not the case.

With that said, many people also choose to find joy and happiness in having a pet. Pets have been proven to reduce anxiety and stress, as well as boost happiness and serotonin.

These realities come together in a recent online post in which a man is given the ultimatum to either choose his cat or his girlfriend, and he ultimately chooses the cat.

Should a pet ever take precedence over a romantic partner?

A Reddit post published on May 5th, reported on by Ashley Gale from Newsweek, has gone viral with 7,800 upvotes and 1,900 comments.

The author begins his post by explaining that he's been with his girlfriend for 2 years, and she recently moved in with him as well as his 16-year-old daughter and their cat. However, after just a week of living together, the girlfriend was having terrible allergies and went to the doctor's only to discover that she is allergic to cats.

The author adds that he and his daughter adopted the cat just 3 years before, when the daughter was dealing with a lot of drama at school and having trouble with friends. The cat has helped the daughter out a lot, and is considered part of the family.

Though he admits that he's not really a cat person, the cat is incredibly important to his daughter and so he could never get rid of it. That was why the author suggested to his girlfriend that she find some sort of medicine to help with her allergies.

Cats are very common in the American experience.

Surveys have found that, between 2017 and 2018, 31.8 million households in the US had at least one cat. These feline friends are one of the more preferred pets in the US.

The girlfriend became very upset by the author’s comment, and said that he should get rid of the cat for her, but he refused. She told him that his daughter would 'eventually get over it', but he still wouldn't budge.

She even got her mother involved in the argument. The mother-in-law called the author many names and told him that he ‘didn't have his priorities straight’.

What do you think? Does the author actually have his priorities entirely straight, or should he be getting rid of the pet for the sake of his partner? Are you Team Cat, or Team Girlfriend?

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