Man Evicts Sister and Nephew for Jokes about Late Wife

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Are jokes about the dead ever funny?

There's nothing more devastating than losing a person you love. Unfortunately, it's common for people to go through this, with close to 3 million people dying every year in the US.

And when we lose a person we love, all we have left of them are mementos and memories. These are special things that help us still feel connected to them long after they've gone.

But what is a person to do when others find it acceptable to make their dead loved one the butt of a joke? This situation was highlighted in a recent online post in which a man kicks out his sister and nephew from his home after they make incessant jokes about his deceased wife.

Are jokes about the dead ever funny?

A Reddit post published on May 5th, reported on by Rebecca Flood from Newsweek, has gone viral with 21,700 upvotes and 2,200 comments. The author begins his post by explaining that his wife unfortunately passed away from ovarian cancer recently. He adds that he and his wife have three children together, ranging between the ages of 3 and 10.

Life continues to be difficult for the family, and the same can be said for his sister. His sister recently got divorced, and so she and her 9-year-old son also moved in with the author as she tries to get back on her feet.

Things were working out fine, until the author's oldest told him that his cousin was bullying him, such as calling him names, pushing him around, and stealing his video games. The author told his sister that she needed to talk to her son, but things didn't seem to be getting through.

With that said, things got even worse at a recent important family gathering. It was the author's 3-year-old's birthday, and the first that his wife wasn't there for. It was a very emotional experience for everyone, and the entire family had come out to celebrate. But not far into it, the author's oldest son came to him and said his cousin was teasing him for 'not having a mom'.

After hearing this, the author asked his nephew if this was true and he said that it was, but he did say sorry. The author simply told him that what he said was awful and not to say it again, and went back to the party.

Grief is no laughing matter.

The psychological effects on a child after losing their parent at a young age are extreme. This can lead to lifelong mental health struggles, and significant feelings of sadness and loneliness.

With that said, the author's sister was not pleased with how he dealt with the situation. As they were cutting the birthday cake, the sister started yelling at him, telling him he had 'no business' disciplining her child. The author told her they could talk about it later, but the sister brutally said that her son wasn't wrong anyway, that 'kids need a mom', and his kids don't have one anymore. She then mocked the author for tearing up, especially when his kids and in-laws became very upset.

After the party, the author told his sister that she had two days to pack her things and leave. She begged him not to throw her out, because she and her child 'would be homeless', but he said that it was too little too late for that.

What do you think? Was the author entirely within his rights to kick out his sister and nephew after the horrible things they said to him and his children? Or is he just being overly sensitive, and needs to recognize that because of the fact that he misses his wife he may have overreacted?

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