Man Demands Girlfriend Remove Photo of Father from Home

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Is a person ever justified to boss their partner around?

It is absolutely devastating to lose a loved one, especially a parent. There are so many milestones that a child hopes their parent will be able to see, but life doesn't always go as planned.

Data shows that over 3 million people die in the US every year, and so there are many loved ones left behind to deal with the realities of that loss. Some keep mementos of their loved ones as memories to remember them by.

But what is a person to do when their romantic partner is not understanding of their feelings? These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a man demands that his girlfriend take down a heart-shaped frame she has of her father.

Is a person ever justified to boss their partner around?

A Reddit post published on May 2nd, reported on by Ashley Gale from Newsweek, has gone viral with 22,500 upvotes and 2,200 comments.

The author begins his post by explaining that he is 23 years old and is currently in the process of moving in with his girlfriend. As he’s stayed her place a few times, he noticed that she has a picture of her father from when he was younger in a heart-shaped picture frame by her bed.

The boyfriend doesn't quite understand the purpose of the picture, or why it's in a heart-shaped frame. He especially points out that she doesn't have any other pictures of family members, so he finds his particular one odd.

The author ultimately brought up the 'issue' with his girlfriend and told her that he didn't want to wake up every morning to the face of a man he didn't know. He said there was nothing that he had against her father, but he wanted her to take the picture down. He insisted that it was just 'weird' that she had it.

Everyone grieves in a different way.

The grieving process is different for everyone who has ever lost a loved one or someone they cared about. Experts advise being patient with oneself as you pursue healing, and reaching out to mental health professionals in more serious cases where it doesn't feel like healing is attainable alone.

The girlfriend understandably got quite upset, explaining that she's had the picture since she was little and loves her dad so much. The boyfriend went on to press that he thought it was weird that she had a picture of her dad around the similar age as her in a heart-shaped frame.

The girlfriend then became so upset that she began to cry, claiming that it wasn't fair of him to ‘make her relationship with her dad weird’. She suggested that she could turn the picture over at night so that he wouldn't see it, but he refused that suggestion. The girlfriend then asked for him to leave, and they haven't spoken since.

What do you think? Is it reasonable for the boyfriend to ask that his girlfriend take down a picture she has of her father? Or is he being ridiculous and insecure, and needs to get over himself, rather than being threatened by a photo of another man?

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