'Bridezilla' Charges Woman for Bringing Uninvited Kids to Wedding

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Is there ever a valid reason to bring someone to a wedding who isn't invited?

Weddings are an incredibly expensive event. There's a lot of attention to detail and planning that goes into every bit of the process. And with the industry bringing in over $60 billion a year in the US alone, it's easy to understand why brides can get so wrapped up in the details.

With that said, guest lists are notorious for being very tricky to plan. Whether there is family politics that come into play, or awkward relationships to navigate. The guest list is meticulously crafted, down to every single person.

But what is a bride to do when a guest does not respect the guest list? This exact situation was highlighted in a recent online post in which a bride ultimately charges one of her guests the extra fees associated with her bringing her uninvited children to the event.

Is there ever a valid reason to bring someone to a wedding who isn't invited?

A Reddit post published on April 27th, reported on by Taylor McCloud from Newsweek, has gone viral with 8,300 upvotes and 680 comments.

The author begins her post by stating that she recently had her wedding, and following the event she was forced to charge a mother for bringing her two children along to the wedding who weren’t invited.

The author offers a bit of clarification on this by explaining that the venue had a capacity limit. With that in mind, the bride and groom were very intentional about who they invited, and the specific numbers of guests that would be in attendance.

With that said, on the day of the event, a guest arrived with her two children in tow, who hadn't been invited and also weren't included on the seating chart. The mother took her seat at the table she was assigned, and also sat her two children down with her. However, the two seats her children were occupying belonged to someone else, and there was a small commotion because the mother refused to give up the seats.

To make matters worse, the venue manager noticed the upset, and approached the bride and groom to tell them that with the addition of the two children, they had violated the capacity limit of the venue and would have to pay a fine, as per their contract.

Are child-free weddings tacky?

Child-free weddings are becoming more and more popular, with couples opting to have events that are only for adults. This can be a point of contention for some wedding guests with small children, and couples who choose to have a child-free wedding should be prepared for some backlash.

Following the event, the bride states that she redirected the fine right back to the mother of the two children, requesting that she pay the extra cost incurred by bringing her children along and causing the violation of the venue's capacity limit.

The mother said that it wasn't her fault, and that the bride should have factored in any 'unforeseen changes when budgeting for her wedding'. The mother added that she couldn't find a babysitter so she had no choice but to bring her children, and that the bride should just be grateful that the mother put in the extra effort to come to her wedding, to begin with.

What are your thoughts? Is the bride absolutely justified in sending the bill of the fine to the mother, considering it was her actions that caused it to be issued? Or is the bride just being petty, and should suck it up and just cover the fine herself?

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