Mother-in-Law Furious After Being Served Mac & Cheese

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Are there some foods that should just never be served to in-laws?

Life can get pretty busy and hectic, and making healthy home-cooked meals every night of the week is already a challenge for most people. But when you have the added difficulty of hosting others, especially in-laws, that challenge can grow significantly.

Mothers-in-law in particular have a reputation for being critical of their daughters-in-law for the foods they cook, the way they maintain a household, and the like. This interference from in-laws can create a great deal of strain between a couple.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which an exhausted woman has to cook for her in-laws and serves them mac and cheese, which results in big family conflict.

Are there some foods that should just never be served to in-laws?

A Reddit post published on April 26th, reported on by Sarah Santora from Newsweek, has gone viral with an incredible 28,500 upvotes and 5,000 comments.

The author begins her post by stating that she gave birth to her first child only 4 weeks ago. She adds that the baby is healthy, but that she's entirely exhausted, and is barely able to shower or sleep. With that said, the author's in-laws have been wanting to meet the baby, but she's been pushing it off just because she's not ready for visitors yet.

However, her husband invited his parents over for dinner without telling her at all, so she had to get up the energy to host regardless. The author asked her husband if they could order takeout for dinner, but he said ‘no’ because his parents would find it rude if a home-cooked meal wasn't made.

For some reason, the responsibility to cook dinner was put exclusively on the author, and so she decided to make something easy for her in-laws for dinner. She settled on making mac and cheese. However, this move was not well received. The in-laws argued with her when seeing the dinner that they were being given, and they left the house angry.

Parents with newborns should be given a little extra courtesy.

Having a newborn child is an exhausting existence. You lack sleep, are completely drained, and have to care for this new human being who is now in your life. For this reason, it becomes an effort to meet basic human needs, such as showering and feeding oneself. This is only to be expected when taking on such a massive responsibility.

Rather than siding with his wife, the husband shamed her for serving his parents macaroni and cheese, saying that the meal was "more offensive than serving them nothing at all".

Since this incident, the husband is giving her the cold shoulder and is entirely refusing to eat anything that his wife cooks in ‘solidarity with his family members’. The author feels that it was unreasonable for her to be expected to host family just 4 weeks after giving birth, but is wondering if she was in the wrong for this incident.

What do you think? Was it beyond disrespectful for the author to cook macaroni and cheese for her in-laws while they were visiting to meet their grandchild? Or is it understandable that in her exhaustion she made something that was simple and easy, considering her husband refused to order takeout or even help with the meal, to begin with?

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