Woman Pranks Mother by 'Dropping' Two -Month-Old Baby

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When does a prank go too far?

Pranks and jokes are things that are meant to be made in good fun. However, for something to be a prank or a joke, everyone involved needs to find the humor in it at the end. Otherwise, it's just cruel.

Data shows that 50% of people find pranks pulled on April Fool’s to be annoying or frustrating. For the most part, many don't enjoy the holiday, and find April Fool's jokes to be tedious and in poor taste.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a woman pranks her sister by dropping a doll that is meant to imitate her newborn niece, leading to significant conflict between her sister and brother-in-law.

When does a prank go too far?

A Reddit post published on April 21st, reported on by Taylor McCloud from Newsweek, has gone viral with 15,400 upvotes and 3,300 comments.

The author begins her post by explaining that her sister recently gave birth to a baby girl, who is now 2 months old. She states that she has been helping her sister and brother-in-law around the house since her niece was born. While the newborn was napping, her sister asked if she could go check on her.

After confirming that the newborn was completely asleep, the woman saw a baby doll nearby and decided that she had a 'brilliant' idea for a prank. She wrapped the doll up in a blanket and took it back to the living room with her, rocking it on the way. When she returned to the room, her brother-in-law was there and headed in her direction.

That was when the author looked her brother-in-law right in the eyes, said 'she's awake', and then dropped the doll on the floor. The brother-in-law dove forward to attempt to catch what he thought to be his child, however, he fumbled a bit and shot his foot out. When he did this, he accidentally kicked the doll across the room and into the nearby windows. The author's sister screamed and rushed to the doll, while the author laughed hysterically.

Child abuse of any kind is not funny.

While the author in the story above 'jokingly' mistreated a surrogate for a baby, the abuse of a child is no laughing matter. Data shows that at least 1 in 7 children have experienced child abuse or some form of neglect in the past year in the United States.

The author concludes her post by stating that the following day she received a very depressing message from her sister. She said that her sister was going to stay with her mom until she could cool down a bit, and that the author is not allowed to go to her house for any reason.

Due to the prank, the sister is incredibly angry, but she also doesn't think that her husband 'has it in him to be a good father' based on his reaction to the baby doll falling to the floor, and him accidentally kicking it.

What do you think? Was what the author did just a harmless prank, and all in good fun? Or was it a cruel act, and that the author should feel partially responsible should her sister and brother-in-law ultimately end up getting divorced?

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