Woman Fakes Pregnancy and Miscarriage for Attention

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When does the need for attention go too far?

As human beings, it's only natural for us to desire attention and the chance to feel special. Each person is an individual, and it's in our general nature to want to be desired and noticed by our peers and community.

And one of the things that makes a person feel extra special is pregnancy and having a child. During this time, the pregnant person in particular has the chance to be a talking point and have the spotlight on them.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a woman takes things too far by faking a pregnancy, and then a miscarriage, all for her obsessive need for attention.

When does the need for attention go too far?

A Reddit post published on April 20th, reported on by Matt Keely from Newsweek, has gone viral with 7,000 upvotes and almost 500 comments.

The author begins her post by clarifying that at a recent family lunch, her sister-in-law announced that she was pregnant. At first everyone, including the author, was incredibly excited to have a new niece or nephew join the family. However, after 6 months, the sister-in-law wasn't showing any signs of pregnancy. She wasn't growing, she was drinking alcohol, and she wasn't attending any ultrasounds.

The author even states that her brother was not permitted to attend hospital appointments with his wife, and that she was still actively bending over and picking up heavy things at work even though she wasn't supposed to. When the author asked about lifting heavy things, the sister-in-law told her that she never told her workplace she was pregnant.

One day, after the author was incredibly annoyed by the sister-in-law's behavior, she asked her brother if he ever saw a pregnancy test. He replied that he didn't, so the author told him that she doubted that his wife was pregnant and that he should confirm whether or not she is.

Infertility and miscarriage are very painful realities.

For people who wish to get pregnant and have children, having infertility issues or experiencing a miscarriage can be an incredibly painful and traumatic experience. Data shows that about 1 in 5 women will experience problems with infertility and difficulty getting pregnant in the first year of trying.

The author's brother later insisted to his wife that he go to the hospital with her, and that was when the doctor confirmed that she had never been pregnant, to begin with.

The author's brother immediately demanded a divorce, and now his wife is blaming the author for interfering in and ruining her marriage. She also states that the reason the hospital wasn't able to prove her pregnancy was that she’d had a miscarriage.

What do you think? Was the author out of line, and should have minded her own business even though she suspected her sister-in-law was lying about being pregnant? Or was the author completely justified in intervening and encouraging her brother to get clarification, especially now that doctors say that his wife was never pregnant at all?

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