Mother-in-Law Requires Woman to Get Pregnant

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Should in-laws have any say in what goes on in the bedroom between a married couple?

The birth of a baby is meant to be an exciting time for everyone involved, however, a person should not rush into having a child. Adults should only have babies if they feel that they are completely ready to do so. And with over 3.7 million babies being born every year in the US, this is a situation that many are accustomed to navigating.

With that said, a couple who wish to have children down the road may have a timeline in their minds, while their in-laws may have a completely different timeline in mind. It's only natural for in-laws to be excited to have grandchildren, but it doesn't take a lot for their excitement to cross the line into inappropriate behavior.

The situation was highlighted in a recent online post in which a mother-in-law demands that her daughter-in-law do better in the bedroom with her son, and demands that she ‘make’ the mother-in-law a baby.

Should in-laws have any say in what goes on in the bedroom between a married couple?

A Reddit post published on April 15th, reported on by Ashley Gale from Newsweek, has gone viral with 13,900 upvotes and 2,000 comments.

The author begins her post by clarifying that her husband is incredibly close with his mother. When the author first met her mother-in-law, she received snarky comments, and over the years the rude comments have continued to happen. The author told her husband that he needed to talk to his mother to get her to stop, but he didn't do much and instead blamed the wife's discomfort on her own 'insecurity'.

With that said, recently things have gotten worse ever since the author's mother-in-law started discussing babies in front of the rest of the family, and asking the author very intimate questions about how long she and her husband have been trying for a baby. She has also been offering ‘helpful’ websites and resources they could use to increase the possibility of their success with getting pregnant.

The author calmly shut down the conversation, while the husband didn't say much of anything. But when she got home she asked her husband why he stayed silent. He told her that it might be good if she took his mother's advice instead of blaming the mother-in-law, and to take a ‘harsh look at herself in the mirror’.

Things really came to a head when the author dropped off some items for Easter dinner, and her mother-in-law immediately said that it looked like she had gained weight, and asked if she was pregnant. When the author answered that she wasn't, the mother-in-law told her she 'needed to work a little bit harder in the bedroom', and then she might be able to get pregnant and finally give the mother-in-law a grandchild.

The author looked her straight in the face and told her to mind her own business, while the mother-in-law told her that she was too sensitive and needed to show her a little bit more respect.

Interfering in-laws are a very risky business.

Science warns against married couples allowing in-laws to interfere too much in their marriage. In fact, studies have shown that couples with interfering in-laws can have a 20% increase in their risk of separation down the road.

When the couple got back to the car, they got into a massive argument. The author told her husband it was none of his mother's business how their intimate life was going, and while the husband didn't side with his mother he told his wife to ‘suck it up’ and show her more respect.

On a more concerning note, the author concluded her post by stating that she and her husband weren't using protection when they were intimate, and though she had once been on birth control, she found that it kept going missing so she wasn't able to take them daily. The author now wonders if her husband and mother-in-law have been conspiring together to try and get her pregnant, despite the fact that she's not yet ready to have a child.

What do you think? Does the mother-in-law have a right to be asking intimate questions about her child's intimate life with his spouse so that she can get information about their pregnancy plans? Or is the mother-in-law entirely out of line for demanding that she be kept in the loop about when and if the author and her husband 'make a baby' for the mother-in-law?

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