Dad Fires Babysitter for 'Slacking' on Job

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Should parents be extra picky when it comes to babysitters?

It's no secret that raising and parenting children is no walk in the park. In fact, many call parenting one of the hardest jobs in the world, as it comes with many responsibilities and completely changes a person's life.

With that said, even parents deserve a break now and again, which is why babysitters generally are an integral part of a parent's lifestyle. With that said, accessing childcare has been incredibly difficult throughout the pandemic, with many parents stating that they are having an extremely difficult time finding affordable child care.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a father fires his children's babysitter, stating that she's a 'bad influence' on his children because she doesn't do all of the chores around the house and she dresses in a way that he deems inappropriate.

Should parents be extra picky when it comes to babysitters?

A Reddit post published on March 26th, reported on by Anders Anglesey from Newsweek, has gone viral with 9,500 upvotes and 3,300 comments.

The author begins his post by stating that he has five children between the ages of 5 months and 7 years, and his family has been employing their 18-year-old babysitter for some time now. He adds that she's great with the kids, however, he still has a bone or two to pick with her.

The father complains that the babysitter is constantly late, although it's not usually more than 5 minutes, and he also adds that she never cleans up the playroom, and sometimes won't do the dishes in the kitchen. An example he uses is that she did an art project with his older three children and cleaned the counters and the floor, but she didn't pick up the toys in the living room or do the dishes afterwards.

However, his biggest complaint is that the babysitter will wear what he deems to be 'inappropriate clothing', such as crop tops, shorts, as well as low-cut shirts. Due to all of these grievances he had with the 18-year-old, the father decided to fire her as their babysitter. But when he told his wife about what he'd done, she began screaming at him as she felt the babysitter was fantastic with the kids, and was also reasonably priced

Finding babysitters is harder than ever.

Data from Zippia has found that there are over 60,000 babysitters currently employed in the US, and that the average starting salary for a babysitter is $20,000, while the average annual pay is $30,000. Babysitters have been in shortage since the beginning of the pandemic.

When the author fired the babysitter, he made it clear to her that he found her to be a 'bad influence', and that he no longer wanted her around his kids. With that said, his wife is furious that he fired their fantastic babysitter, and she refuses to speak to her husband until he calls the babysitter back and offers her the job again.

In an update to the post, the father explains that his wife called the babysitter and that they were going to rehire her at $45 an hour, and they would also get her a car.

What do you think? Were the grievances the father had towards the babysitter justified enough for him to fire her? Or were his excuses for firing her inappropriate ones, and not good enough reason to give a great babysitter the boot?

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