Father Refuses to 'Babysit' His Own Newborn Baby

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Is it really babysitting when it's your own kid?

According to data, 80 million households in the US have children, which is about 40% of all households in America. With a population so high, it's only natural that most of these parents would require a babysitter from time to time.

With that said, though historically speaking women have been recognized as the ones who take care of their children, it's now 2022 and many things have changed. The modern-day expectation is that both parents, regardless of gender, are equally active and involved in the raising of their children. However, not every parent is on board with this theory.

This situation is highlighted in a recent online post in which a new father becomes angry at his wife for socializing from time to time, while she leaves him home to 'babysit' their newborn child.

Is it really babysitting when it's your own kid?

A Reddit post published on March 23rd, reported on by Taylor McCloud from Newsweek, has gone viral with 15,100 upvotes and 6,200 comments.

The author begins his post by clarifying that he is a new father to a 2-month-old baby. With that said, as soon as his child turned 2 months, he claims that his wife started to try and get her social life back. He states that at times she would bring the baby with her, but sometimes she would expect him to ‘babysit’ their child, which ‘frustrated’ him.

The author insists that his wife is a great mom who truly cares for her baby, but he's extremely frustrated that she feels the need to go out at all. The story gets stickier when the author's mother dropped by for a visit, and noticed that his wife wasn't there. She asked where she’d gone, and the author confirmed that she'd gone shopping with a friend. The mother then became enraged that her son was left 'babysitting' his own child, and told him that he has 'no backbone' for not calling her out and telling her she has to stay home with her baby.

When the author's wife got back home, the mother started to scold her. He does state that he didn't want his mom to get involved, but feels his wife needed to hear the ‘honest truth’ from someone else too. The mother told the author's wife that she was 'irresponsible', and that she should stay home to care for her child as 'any proper mother would'. The author went as far as to agree with his mother, and that wasn’t well-received by his spouse.

It isn't 'babysitting' when it's your own kid.

Psychologists have clear research to prove the stresses that are experienced by stay-at-home parents—especially stay-at-home mothers. Stay-at-home moms are at higher risk of mental health struggles such as depression, and breaks from their child care duties are a foundational and necessary form of self-care.

When stay-at-home mothers have opportunities to socialize with people other than their children, and especially out of the home, they lessen their risk for mental health issues.

The author concludes his post by stating that when he agreed with his mother's stance on his wife being an irresponsible mom, she stopped speaking to him. She started to sleep in the guest room at night, and took the baby's crib in there with her. The author is at a loss as to why his wife would be so furious with him.

What do you think? Was the author justified in teaming up with his mother to scold his wife about going out and having a social life, rather than staying home and caring for their child? Or is the father absolutely delusional for thinking that it's only his wife's responsibility to care for the newborn baby, and he needs to realize that he’s an equal participant in that process?

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