Bride Demands Guest Gives Up Villa for Her Family

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Should a bride get anything she wants on her wedding day, no matter who it inconveniences?

The wedding industry is absolutely booming. It's estimated that in any given year it will bring in 60 billion dollars, even after all of the delays from the pandemic. After so many wedding delays, there are many engaged couples who are looking forward to finally tying the knot.

2022 is set to be one of the biggest financial years yet for weddings. Many have been anxiously waiting, and are willing to do whatever it takes to get the wedding of their dreams. However, an engaged couple willing to do whatever it takes can easily cross the line into what could be considered entitled behavior.

This was the exact case in a recent online post in which a bride demands that wedding guests give up the villa they booked so that her family can stay there instead.

How far should a bride reasonably go with her demands?

A Reddit post published on February 18th, reported on by Gerrard Kaonga from Newsweek, has gone viral with 11,600 upvotes and 1,100 comments. The author begins her post by clarifying that her husband's friend is getting married in Spain for a destination wedding. As soon as the author heard about the wedding, she went ahead to book accommodations and flights right away, so that she could have the best choice of rentals.

She and her husband were able to secure a gorgeous three-bedroom villa with a private pool. The author adds that she wanted to ensure they had a private pool due to her own body insecurity issues. She recently lost a lot of weight, and has a lot of loose skin that she feels self-conscious about.

However, closer to the wedding date, the bride and groom reached out and asked if the author and her husband could stay at a hotel so that the bride’s family could stay in the villa instead. The engaged couple was willing to pay back the author for what she spent on the accommodation. The author clarifies that there were no other accommodations left with private pools, and that the cost of a hotel would be the same as the three-bedroom villa they’d already booked, so she would be getting less for the same amount of money.

For this reason, the author refused to give up her rental property for the bride’s family. When she first refused, and explained why she wasn’t comfortable swimming in a hotel pool, the bride was understanding. However, the bride asked several more times, and eventually became enraged that the author wouldn’t give up her villa, and started slinging cruel insults at her.

Should guests be as accommodating as possible for the bride and groom, no matter the demand?

According to, the total cost of destination weddings can vary, entirely based on what is included in the package. That said, the average cost of a destination wedding is around $35,000, with most of the cost going towards travel.

However, surveys show that many guests believe that destination weddings are over-the-top, and far too much to expect from those attending the wedding. Some even call destination weddings a selfish decision. A bridezilla is defined as a bride who makes unreasonable and entitled requests of their wedding party and guests to fulfill whatever need or desire for their “perfect wedding”, without regard for the feelings or comfort of others.

The author concludes her post by clarifying that, while this was her husband’s friend’s wedding, for her and her spouse this was the only vacation they could afford this year, and she wanted to have the most comfortable and enjoyable time possible. She doesn’t feel that she should be shamed for being smart enough to plan ahead.

What do you think? Should the author and her husband be accommodating to the bride, and give up their villa for her family? Or are they justified in refusing to give up their rental so that they can also have a great vacation themselves?

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