Woman Refuses to Pay for Girlfriend's Student Loans

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Should rich partners cover any and all expenses for those they date?

Education is extremely important. It is proven that economies and communities thrive with better access to education, and greater overall schooling in their population. With over 19 million people attending college as students every year, post-secondary education is an important part of modern-day US culture.

That said, quality education comes at an extreme price. According to Education Data, the US has a national student loan debt of $1.75 trillion. This number is growing six times faster than the US economy. Carrying this level of debt is crippling to many post-graduates, and only a small fraction of college students are lucky enough to come from wealthy families, allowing them at times to graduate debt-free.

This exact reality is highlighted in a recent online post in which a girlfriend finds out her partner comes from a very wealthy family, and asks her to pay off her student and medical debt.

Should rich partners cover any and all expenses for those they date?

A Reddit post published on February 18th, reported on by Taylor McCloud from Newsweek, has gone viral with 12,600 upvotes and 2,900 comments.

The author begins her post by explaining that her family is “low-key wealthy”, but she does her best not to flaunt it, and instead keeps it on the down-low.

Everything was just fine for the author until her sister disclosed to her girlfriend that their family is quite rich. The author goes on to explain that her family tends to spend more money on experiences rather than material possessions, so before now she was able to keep her wealth a secret from her girlfriend. However, during a recent shopping trip, the girlfriend learned just how wealthy her partner’s family is.

The couple later got into a massive argument when the girlfriend learned how much money her partner was given by her family each month. The girlfriend told the author that she was selfish for not mentioning her family’s wealth, and not helping to pay down her student debt from college and medical bills.

Is national student debt completely out of control?

Of the 43 million Americans who are currently paying off student debt, the average federal student loan debt is $37,113. Tack onto that private student loan debt, and that number increases to $40,904. Of those who are carrying that over their head, it can feel impossible to get ahead in the current economy.

On top of student debt, 50% of Americans carry significant medical debt as well, according to Debt.com. Surveys show that they’re struggling to pay off less than $5,000 in medical bills with their current income.

The author concludes her post by admitting that she had plans down the line to help her girlfriend pay off her debts, but her sister pushed that timeline up too soon by disclosing the family’s wealth to the girlfriend. The author doesn’t feel comfortable at this point giving her girlfriend a significant chunk of money so that she can be free of students loans.

What do you think? Is it reasonable for the girlfriend to expect her wealthy partner to pay off her debts? Or is the girlfriend way out of line for demanding her partner give her money, simply because the author has it?

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