Son Refuses to Move Back in with Parents to Save Face

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What’s more important? How you’re perceived by society, or how your loved ones feel?

The COVID pandemic brought on a lot of financial hardship for many. In a survey conducted by TD Ameritrade, 39% of millennials had to move back home to live with their parents for financial reasons, in order to just stay afloat.

Of adult children who have moved out of their parent's house, the majority agree that once they have tasted their freedom of living independently they have no desire to move back into the house they were raised in. It's not an ideal situation, as both parents and children have become used to living with their own rules and expectations.

There are examples of this struggle from young people all over the internet, and an online post has recently gone viral after a son is being pressured to move back in with his parents after living independently.

It is both normal and healthy for children to eventually leave their parent's home and make it on their own, but what does a child do when their parents don't wish for them to be independent?

Adult children are meant to spread their wings.

A Reddit post published on January 25th, reported on by Alexandra Schonfeld from Newsweek, has gone viral with an impressive 21,100 upvotes and 1,200 comments. In this post, an 18-year-old son has been living on his own after being kicked out, and his parents are now pressuring him to move back in.

The author begins his post by clarifying that his parents planned on being child-free, but due to their religious beliefs, they kept their son even though he was an unwanted pregnancy. It was made clear from an early age that they expected him to move out at 18-years-old. As planned, right before his 18th birthday, his parents sat him down and asked him to find his own place.

A family friend heard about the author's situation and offered their furnished basement for an extremely cheap price, so he jumped at the opportunity. He points out that it is relevant that both his family and the family friend are of Indian descent.

The author then states that his parents called him several weeks later and asked him to move back in with them. When the author declined, the mother began to cry while the father scolded his son saying that there were rumors going around that the parents had kicked their son out and it was making them look bad in their community.

What is a parent's responsibility to their child?

In the United States, the legal age of adulthood is 18-years-old. After this point, a parent's legal obligation to their child no longer exists in the eyes of the law. 18-year-olds are able to enlist in the army, secure loans on their own, sign their own leases, etc.

That said, in this tough economy (especially during the pandemic), there were plenty of millennials who had to turn to their parents or love ones for support. That support comes in a variety of ways, such money, food, payment of bills, or in the above story’s case, a place to live.

The author concludes his posts by stating that when his parents mentioned there was a rumor that they kicked him out of the house, he said that the rumor was entirely true, and it wasn't his job to save them from the consequences of their actions.

What do you think? Should the son have just moved back in with his parents to save them the public embarrassment? Or was the son fully within his right to refuse their offer to move back in and continue living independently?

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