Man Tells Dead Brother's Girlfriend that He Was Planning to Break Up with Her Before Accident

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Are some things better left unsaid?

Data shows that 5.25 million car accidents take place every year, with 0.7% being fatal accidents. Losing a loved one in this sort of way is an incredibly painful and cruel type of loss.

When someone passes away, it is always those who are left behind to are in the most pain. Family, partners, and the like are left to grieve and cope with the loss of someone important in their lives. This puts an emotional toll on those left behind.

With that said, it is possible that there are some secrets a person may take to their grave to spare their loved ones from pain. This sort of situation is talked about online, and has been highlighted in a recently viral post where a teenager shares his dead brother's secret, causing even more grief to the left-behind girlfriend.

Should all secrets be aired, or are some better left unsaid?

A now-viral Reddit post published on January 25th, originally reported on by Samantha Berlin of Newsweek, has gone viral with 12,900 upvotes and 1,200 comments. In the original post, the 17-year-old author begins by explaining that his older brother passed away a few weeks ago in a car accident.

The author details just how devastated his family has been, and points out that his deceased brother's girlfriend seemed to be taking it harder than anyone else. Without her boyfriend, the woman could no longer afford rent for their apartment, and so the author's parents took her in.

After the girlfriend moved in, the author explained that the woman was so depressed that she was losing weight, and would cry multiple times a day. It was at this point that the author decided to sit down with the girlfriend and attempt to comfort her by stating that the deceased brother was planning to break up with the girlfriend anyways, and would have had it not been for the fatal accident.

To the teenager's shock, the girlfriend did not take this planned break-up news well, and had a further breakdown. The parents then berated the teenager for sharing that information with the girlfriend when she was already in such a bad place.

Grieving the death of a loved one is difficult enough.

While not as painful as mourning for someone who has passed, breakups are notoriously proven by science to be emotionally devastating experiences. Scientists have proven that physical and social pain are processed in the same area of the brain, resulting in a breakup being experienced to the same severity as a physical injury. This reaction can lead to emotional strife within the brain.

Broken heart syndrome” is one of the better-known diagnoses of how severe losing a person can be, where the grief of losing someone is so immense that it causes a temporary heart condition brought on by extreme stress or emotions.

The teenager concluded his post by stating that his friends agreed that it was considerate of him to share the information that he did, while the parents were furious that their son added to the girlfriend's grief unnecessarily.

What do you think? Did the girlfriend have a right to know that her boyfriend was planning to break up with her before he tragically passed away? Or was it cruel of the teenager to share that information with the girlfriend while she was in the depths of mourning?

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