Woman Refuses to Bake Cake for Ex-Husband's Pregnant Mistress

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What is too big of a favor following divorce?

Statistics show that over 750,000 divorces take place in the US each year. The choice to end a marriage is generally an incredibly painful one for all parties involved.

Unfortunately, studies show that infidelity and a lack of commitment are the leading causes of divorces, with 59.6% of respondents citing extramarital affairs and 75% citing a “lack of commitment” to the marriage.

As if the pain of divorce isn't enough, a Reddit post recently has gone viral that highlights the complications of managing relationships with ex-spouses, especially after cheating took place.

Do a favor for your ex-husband.. and his mistress?

A Reddit post, reported on by Jack Beresford from Newsweek, has gone viral with 16,100 upvotes and 1,400 comments. In this post, the author is asked by her ex-husband to bake a gender reveal cake for the woman her ex-husband cheated on her with.

The author clarifies that she and her ex have one-year-old twins together, but they divorced during her pregnancy after she learned that he was cheating. The woman added that she sincerely believes that the mistress didn't know that the husband had a wife.

The author of the post owns a baking company that specializes in custom desserts, and recently she received a call from her ex-husband's new girlfriend asking if she would make a gender reveal cake for her, saying that it would mean a lot for the mother of her baby’s siblings to make a cake for the party.

The author, still incredibly hurt that her husband cheated on her while pregnant with his children, declined to make the gender reveal cake. The ex-husband later called her rude, unreasonable and unprofessional. But the woman stated that she was allowed to refuse service to anyone.

Trust can be irreparably damaged after a cheating incident, and hurt feelings are valid.

Gender reveal parties have become a massive trend in the last few years, with online retailer Party Delights reporting an 87% increase in gender reveal-related products over the past three years due to the craze. The gender of a baby can be revealed before birth through a colored cake, confetti within a balloon, and a variety of other unique ways.

And with that said, significant emotional upset results from a history of cheating between a couple, and for many that sort of betrayal is not one that can be overcome. For the husband to cheat on his wife, leave her for his mistress, and then ask her to bake a cake for his new girlfriend’s baby, is quite a bold move.

What do you think? Should the author have been the bigger person and just baked the cake for the new girlfriend? Or was the ex-husband way out of line for expecting the wife he cheated on to do him a favor?

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