Manager Quits Job When Asked to Return to the Office

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The "Great Resignation" is the trend of workers demanding more flexible benefits.

The COVID-19 pandemic came with a lot of lifestyle changes that shook workers and employees on a global level. One of the biggest shocks to the system was when many workers transitioned into remote working from home during lockdown and restrictions in their home countries.

While some never adapted to this situation, there have been many employees who found that remote working offered many health benefits, both mental and physical. Many workers also reported being able to do their jobs more efficiently by working remotely from home.

In what is being called a candidate-driven market, an online post has gone viral after a manager quits his job and finds a new one when told he has to return to the company's office full-time.

Stories like this highlight a drastic change in the work market, as well as the benefits that employees are expecting and demanding as they enter new positions.

A new wave of work flexibility and remote working benefits.

The online post, originally reported on and verified by Catherine Ferris on Newsweek, has recently gone viral with 13,700 upvotes and 435 comments to date. In the original post, the author explains that he's been working at a company as a manager for several years and very much enjoys his job. However, that has recently changed.

He clarifies that he was working remotely for the last 2 years during the pandemic, and that allowed him to be a better manager to address his team's needs. He points out that his team's productivity improved significantly.

Once his employees started asking if they would have to return to the office, he vowed that he would do all he could to ensure they could continue working from home, as their jobs do not need to be done within the office at all.

In December 2021, just before the holidays, the manager received an email announcement that they would be returning to the office on a permanent basis. He replied to the email saying that if returning to work was a necessity, he would be finding other arrangements. It was at that point that he accepted a new job with permanent remote work, a flexible schedule, and even a pay bump.

The original poster told Newsweek that about 10 minutes after receiving the email, he began searching for a new job and had several job offers.

The 'Great Resignation' is alive and well.

We are in the times of what is being called the “Great Resignation” movement. This is a movement in which workers have been leaving their jobs out of complaints of stressful, unfair, or inflexible working situations. These workers are choosing to value their overall mental health and well-being over the stability of their current 9-5. Many are leaving because they’ve had a taste of remote working, and never want to go back.

Data shows that a majority of the workers resigning from their positions fall within the millennial generation age range. Data also shows that the fields with the greatest number of resignations right now are healthcare and tech.

The author finishes his post by stating that he will start his new job the following week and has no regrets if it means he can work remotely from home.

What do you think? Is this Great Resignation a trend that’s been a long time coming? Or do workers just need to suck it up and go back to the office in this post-pandemic world?

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