Single Mothers Can't Afford to Work Due to Rising Childcare Costs

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This viral Reddit post shows the stunning financial realities of raising children as a single parent.

Raising children is an incredibly costly choice. It is estimated that the lifetime cost of raising a child born in 2022 would be $272,049. With the median annual salary of US citizens sitting at $34,248.45, it's not difficult to see how financially strenuous it can be to raise a child, if not more than one.

Matters become even more complicated when a single parent is financing a child's lifestyle. Young children require around-the-clock care, and most parents depend on childcare services such as daycares to look after their children while they work.

A post on Reddit has gone extremely viral recently after a single mother published a screenshot of the fees for her son's daycare, shedding a morbid light on how unaffordable childcare is for most families.

With the increasing costs of the economy, many families are finding it challenging to afford even the basic necessities while raising kids.

Having children is an unattainable dream for many due to financial reasons.

An online post, reported on by Taylor McCloud for Newsweek, has gone incredibly viral with an astounding 46,200 upvotes and 8,400 comments. In the original post, the author is a single mother who shares a screenshot of an email she received from her son's daycare detailing their new rates starting March 2022.

The mother begins the post by explaining that childcare rates for her son are about to go up by $300 a month. The mother adds that she is a single mom who is college-educated, and she also lives with her parents to stay afloat.

The most shocking statement from the post was where the author states that with these rising childcare costs she literally cannot afford to work because she wouldn't make enough money to pay for the rates, even while living with her parents.

Upon looking at the screenshot of childcare prices, it is absolutely shocking and understandable that this single mother can no longer afford to have her son in daycare while she is at work.

There is very little support for struggling families in this crippling economy.

2021 saw the largest economic inflations of 6.8% since 1982, affecting groceries, fuel, and many other basic necessities. For many families, every dollar counts, and those rising costs have meant the difference between just getting by and no longer being able to afford the basics.

Keep in mind, the average monthly salary of US citizens sits at $4,346. For this college-educated mother, she would need to have a job that could afford her to cover daycare, not including any other necessities such as housing, food, bills, etc.

This particular screenshot was especially shocking for online viewers in the comment section, and opens a larger conversation around just how severe the wage gap is in the United States, and how it is forcing so many parents into extreme poverty.

What are your thoughts? Did you find these child care rates absolutely shocking? Or do you feel these rates are fairly standard?

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