Bride Fires Maid of Honor Due to Pregnancy

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This Reddit post highlights how complicated wedding planning can get.

Currently, there are many engaged couples who are waiting to finally tie the knot. COVID created lots of obstacles and difficulties as far as wedding events, with many couples having to postpone their nuptials until cases went down and restrictions were lifted. The wedding industry has been reeling due to these delays, and the significant loss of income.

Now in 2022, restrictions are slowly lifting and for that reason, many engaged couples are moving forward to set dates and finally get married after postponing their original wedding nuptials.

That said, along with weddings come a lot of stress and, unfortunately, drama as well. A recently viral Reddit post is shedding light on just how stressful the wedding planning process can be, not only for the engaged couple, but also for their loved ones.

Should the spotlight exclusively be on the newlywed couple, at any cost?

An online post, reported on by Jack Beresford for Newsweek, has gone viral with 10,400 upvotes and 2,500 comments. In this post, the author clarifies that she and her maid of honor have been best friends for 17 years, but a recent life event has pretty well ended their friendship.

The bride-to-be explains there was a recent small gathering for people who are part of the wedding to finalize plans. It was at this point that the author learned that her maid of honor was 6 months pregnant. The bride stated that she started to get uneasy that her best friend would steal her thunder on her actual wedding day with her pregnancy.

Following the gathering, the bride-to-be called her maid of honor to say how upset she was that she didn't know about the pregnancy, and that she was worried the maid of honor would steal her thunder during her wedding. It was at this point that the bride told her best friend that she no longer wanted her to be in the wedding because she felt that the pregnancy would steal the show.

The now-former maid of honor said that it was fine, and she could just attend the wedding as a guest. However, the bride insisted that she didn't want her best friend to attend at all, and was uninviting her from the entire wedding. Newsweek reached out to the original poster for a comment.

Is the spotlight really worth it if it ruins close relationships?

Every married couple wants to be the center of attention on their wedding day. Weddings are incredibly costly, with the Insider reporting that the average wedding costs over $28,000. They also take a lot of work, and the purpose of the day is to come together to celebrate the newly married couple.

However, at times this desire to have the spotlight on oneself can cause an engaged person to take things much too far. These such people have been dubbed as “bridezillas” or “groomzillas” respectively by mainstream media to define someone who makes unreasonable and truly outlandish requests of others in order to ensure they are the absolute center of attention on their special day.

The bride-to-be concluded her post by saying that the next day most of her bridesmaids backed out of the wedding because they heard of her treatment of the maid of honor. The bride then became angry with her supposed best friend for tattling to the other bridesmaids that she was uninvited, and the author accused her former maid of honor of just trying to cause drama.

What do you think? Was the bride-to-be justified in taking every measure to ensure the spotlight would be on her come her wedding day? Or was she just being spiteful towards her maid of honor for being pregnant at the same time as her wedding?

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