Groom Furious at Best Man for Joke Made During Speech

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Should deprecating jokes should be included in wedding speeches?

The COVID-19 pandemic has postponed a lot of weddings, and so 2022 will see an uptick of marriages as couples who have been engaged for several years finally get their moment. And for some, this won’t be their first chance to walk down the aisle.

Data shows that over 41% of first marriages end in divorce, and a percentage of those who chose to get divorced will potentially remarry down the road. In fact, 14% percent of divorcees will remarry a second time, or more.

A Reddit post that has gone viral begs the question of whether or not it’s within poor taste to make light of the fact that a couple may be on their second marriage or more during a wedding speech.

Weddings are already a very stressful event, and it doesn't take too much for an innocent joke to be perceived as a great insult.

Jokes in a reception speech: yay or nay?

An online post, reported on by Jack Beresford from Newsweek, has gone viral with 9,000 upvotes and 800 comments. In this post, the best man at a recent wedding asks if the joke he made during his speech was funny, or in poor taste.

The author begins the post by explaining that his best friend recently had a second wedding, and as the best man he had to write a speech for the reception. The author went online and looked up some jokes, in an attempt to lighten the mood of his speech, and found one that made him laugh.

Choosing to include this joke, the best man stood in front of the entire reception of guests and said, "Right well.. welcome back everyone". The joke made a direct job at the fact that this was the groom's second wedding and marriage.

The author explains that the joke got quite a few laughs, and the bride even seemed to find it funny. However, the groom later confronted his friend saying the joke was out of line, that it embarrassed him and that it wasn't funny.

What is wedding etiquette when it comes to jokes and reception speeches?

Is it ever acceptable to make jabs and crack jokes about the newly married couple in their reception speech? Based on a survey of 380 respondents, more than half of the wedding guests said speeches were the most memorable part of the day. 95% of those same respondents said that the speeches were one of the main talking points after a wedding.

However, it is worth noting that comedy is a very difficult type of entertainment to execute. The slightest misstep and a joke goes from funny to offensive. No one wants their wedding speech to be remembered for the wrong reasons.

After the groom confronted the author about his joke, he began to wonder if his joke was out of line.

What do you think? Was the best man's joke just made in innocent fun, and shouldn't have been taken so seriously? Or was the author out of line for mentioning his best friend's previous marriage at his new wedding?

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