Mother Forces 30-Week Pregnant Daughter to Walk Home

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The viral Reddit post sheds light on the treatment of heavily pregnant women.

Pregnancy isn't a walk in the park. As anyone who has previously been pregnant can confirm, symptoms to expect can be nausea, pain, bloating, and a lot of general discomfort and strain put on the body from growing a human being over a nine-month stretch.

Due to the immense demand and stress put on the bodies of pregnant women, it is a generally understood fact that the comfort and care of pregnant women should be considered by loved ones. For example, offering a pregnant woman a seat on the bus or offering to help with household chores.

That said, there are people who believe that pregnant women deserve absolutely no special treatment. This was exactly the case in a recent viral Reddit post where a heavily pregnant woman was forced to walk home after she “annoyed” her mother, who was driving at the time.

Should pregnant women be given some slack?

In a viral Reddit post published by user u/sadpregta, the author is a 30-week pregnant woman who explains that her husband recently broke his leg. For that reason, she had a friend driving her to doctor's appointments and everything was going fine. However, one day her mother just happened to show up before a scheduled appointment and insisted she drive her daughter to the doctor.

The daughter then explains that she received bad news during her appointment and just wanted to go home, but instead her mother insisted on making multiple stops and forcing her daughter to wait in the car.

The multiple stops and visits to friends resulted in the pregnant woman being out for the entire day when all she wanted was to get home. When the mother insisted on visiting just one more friend, the pregnant woman snapped and demanded that she be taken home to rest and process the bad news she'd received from her appointment.

The argument resulted in the mother kicking her pregnant daughter out of the car and forcing the 30-week expecting woman to walk home.

Additional stress and physical exertion can be harmful to a pregnancy.

Medical professionals advise that pregnant people should not exert too much effort physically or lift heavy weights because there is a chance that this could lead to premature birth, miscarriage or other pregnancy complications.

It isn't unheard of for there to be conflict between family members throughout a pregnancy and in the early years of raising a child. Arguments can result from differing opinions of how a pregnancy should be treated, or how a child should be raised. One of the biggest stressors for mothers is reported to be juggling the expectations and responsibilities of other family members.

Following the argument with her mother, the pregnant woman added that her family members were encouraging her to apologize to her mother, who was still upset by the argument. The author is wondering if she was in the wrong for snapping at her mother the way she did.

What do you think? Should the pregnant woman have kept her mouth shut and let her mother run her errands? Or was the mother unable to consider her pregnant daughter’s needs above her own?

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