UPS Delivery Drivers Horrified by Overflowing Parcels in Viral TikTok Video

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The viral TikTok sheds a massive light on the global burden faced by delivery drivers.

A UPS delivery driver who goes by banee392 has given TikTok users something to talk about after he published a video at the beginning of his workday. The sight of overflowing packaged is truly something to behold, and has online users speechless.

It is estimated that UPS delivers over 21 million packages daily, which is a number that feels impossible to imagine in real life.

That said, this viral TikTok gives a bit of insight into what a very small fraction of that 21 million in practical, yet overwhelming, terms.

What a ‘bad day’ can look like.

The video beings with user banee392 documenting the number of packages he’s meant to deliver in his van. On-screen text reads, “This is how you know [you’re] going to have a bad day”.

And while showing many fellow drivers peering into the truck, the text then changes to, “When drivers are looking in your truck.”

Boxes are piled up high inside the truck, taking up almost every available space in the vehicle and balancing on many different angles.

Somehow, it appears that there are more parcels to load in, however, there’s nowhere else for them to go. And what’s worse is that there seems to be no definitive stop to the endless packages.

The rights of delivery drivers are under heavy scrutiny.

This video surfaces in the midst of massive controversy in regards to delivery drivers and their employment rights. For years, drivers have complained about dangerous work conditions, lack of benefits, poor treatment, and much more.

With the rapid growth of online retail, there is a demand that is challenging to keep up with. This has in particular been the case during the pandemic when citizens have been, and still are, required to stay home and use online delivery services for their everyday goods and shopping needs. Data shows that online shopping doubled in 2020 due to the pandemic.

One example of this delivery driver rights scrutiny comes from Amazon, which has been put on blast for poor treatment of delivery workers all over the world. British law firm Leigh Day launched a case on behalf of 3,000 employees demanding better treatment and compensation. In a legal battle with claims of over £140 million owed launched in the Fall of 2021, demands included minimum wage, holiday pay, better bathroom break opportunities, and much more.

A solicitor in the employment team at Leigh Day, Kate Robinson, stated:

“It's time for Amazon to stop putting profit above people and give delivery drivers the employment rights they deserve. Paying out compensation of £140million sounds like a large bill to foot, but for a company that turned a profit of £5.8billion in the first three months of 2021, it's a drop in the ocean.”

This viral TikTok shows a startling reality of what it’s like to be a delivery driver in 2022, and has put into perspective the many ways that drivers are exploited in a time when the economy is struggling to get back on its feet after many repeated global lockdowns.

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