Is Proposing at Someone Else's Wedding Charming, or Tacky?

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This debate has left the internet very divided on whether or not it's appropriate to do.

Weddings are a big deal. For many couples, their wedding day is one of the most significant and memorable days of their lives.

Outside of the wedding day itself, another day becomes a significant memory -- the proposal.

The has reported that 1 in 3 proposals are a surprise, and while the average cost of an engagement ring purchase is $6,351 (up from $5,095 in 2011).

This time of year is proposal prime season. In a survey conducted by event management company Chillisauce, of 10,000 respondents it was found that Christmas season (between December 24th and January 1st) was the most popular time of year for proposals. The marriage question getting popped during 'the most wonderful time of the year' is certainly something that would be memorable!

That said, another trend is picking up steam, and it seems to have people very divided; proposing at someone else's wedding.

Is this a romantic gesture, or a sure way to steal the spotlight from the newly married couple on their special day?

Romantic, or stealing the spotlight from the newlyweds?

A video that was published on Reddit has gone viral after it shows the bride's friend proposing to his girlfriend just as the bride is about to throw her bouquet.

The video racked up 76,000 upvotes and was originally published by Dana Najdzien on TikTok where it collected over 38 million views.

The bride, who originally published the video, explained that the proposal was her idea, and so this wasn't something that happened out of the blue.

Do proposals at weddings align with 'proper etiquette'?

Etiquette expert Diane Gottsman, and author of the book 'Modern Etiquette for a Better Life', is adamant that 'under no circumstances' should someone ever propose to their significant other at somebody else's wedding. This move Is generally viewed as inappropriate, regardless of the circumstances.

Gottsman stated in an interview with, "The day of someone’s wedding is one day out of an entire year. We have to keep in mind that the couple is creating a memorable moment that will last a lifetime and a proposal should not be part of the one day that the couple has to themselves: Let them enjoy it!”

That said, there are others who argue that it can be an entirely acceptable move as long as it was cleared already by the bride and groom.

What do you think? Is it an absolute no-no for someone to propose to their significant other at someone else’s wedding? Or do you think it’s a sweet gesture that just increases the celebration of the day?

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