Woman Refused to Clean Up After Men Watching Thanksgiving Football

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She was tired of being the only one who takes care of the household.

Thanksgiving in the United States has always meant plenty of football and turkey for everyone. But another side of the holiday is that it often means an extra burden on certain genders over others.

With the holiday now over a week behind us, and the Christmas holiday just around the corner, not everyone has been okay with the same old holiday routine, and they've taken their grievances to online readers. In a viral Reddit post that was published ten days ago, one woman took to Reddit to ask in advance if she would be in the wrong for refusing to clean up after the men in her family on Thanksgiving.

While this entire debate was sparked over holiday dinner responsibilities, it's a topic that can also be applied to everyday conversations about gender roles.

The author of the post, who goes by u/iceariina, launched her own boycott, telling Reddit that she would be "refusing to do the cleanup while the men watch football".

The post went super-viral before the holiday on Reddit. To date, it has garnered more than 21,000 upvotes and over 2,400 comments.

Many readers flocked to the comment section to agree with this woman.

It's 2021. Household chores belong to more than just one gender.

The woman begins the post by expressing her frustration over years of a sexist routine that is just accepted in her family as the status quo.

She laments,

"I just know tomorrow, many women will end up cleaning up all the food they probably also made by themselves, or mostly by themselves, while the guys chill out and don't lift a finger to help."

There's such a thing as commercials.

Complaining further about the accepted gender gap established around this holiday, the woman goes on to point out that there are plenty of commercials throughout football games.

During that time, she says it's only fair that those watching the football game get up for a few minutes to help do the dishes and put away food.

She goes on to rant,

"And I'll hear the excuse, 'You don't even like football!'. Not the point. Do you think I like doing dishes? Putting food away?"

Where does the responsibility fall?

Online readers showed overwhelming support for the woman, offering some advice of their own.

Melibel24 said,

"I don't serve dessert until the kitchen and dining room are cleaned up and food stored away. I can't relax with that level of chaos. Everyone helps so it doesn't take too long, and by then we're ready for dessert."

Another Redditor, Clover_1414, stated,

"I told my husband that he was in charge of the turkey this year. His response, 'What are YOU going to do then?!?' Apparently, all the sides, hors d'oeuvres, dessert, etc. magically appear? And we have a self-cleaning kitchen?"

What do you think? Should those who love watching football on Thanksgiving be left to enjoy the show? Or do they hold just as equal a responsibility to clean up after the meal as those who don't watch the game?

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