Woman's Girlfriend Excluded from Sister's Anti-Gay Wedding

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The author is wondering what she should do in response, and is asking strangers for their advice.

A post on Reddit has gone mega-viral after a woman has shared her dilemma about how her current partner, also a woman, has not been invited to her sister's wedding as the bride's fiance's family is "very traditional and anti-gay".

The now-viral Reddit post, which was published on November 21st, has received over 20,000 upvotes, and 2,500 comments. Internet users had a lot to say about this situation.

When people-pleasing goes too far.

The woman goes on to explain that she and her girlfriend have been together for 2 years, and her family has been very supportive of the relationship. Her sister, the bride, has also been supportive, and has a great relationship with the girlfriend.

However, when wedding invites were delivered, the woman did not receive a +1 on her invite. When she talked to her sister about it, the bride said that she was trying to avoid drama on her wedding day with her fiance's family.

The woman explains,

"Her fiance comes from a very regressive and religious family, and while he himself is fine, extended family is very traditional and anti-gay."

Is avoiding drama more important than doing what's right?

The woman who authored the post was obviously very upset by the situation.

"My sister gave me my invitation in person instead of mailing it, and explained that I wasn't getting a +1 because having a gay couple at the wedding would likely end up causing lots of drama with his side of the family. All of my other siblings have +1s and are welcome to bring their hetero partners."

The woman states that she "understands where her sister is coming from, but it still feels like a slap in the face". She didn't feel it was right to force the bride to give her a +1, so instead says that she is considering not attending her sister's wedding.

"I'm not comfortable spending a whole day alone, while my other siblings are allowed to bring their partners, just because my sister wants to cater to a bunch of bigots."

It's the bride's day, so should it be the bride's way?

Internet users were quick to sympathize with the woman, validating her feelings in regards to the lack of a +1. They also went on to say that the bride was in the wrong for attempting to pander to her in-laws, at the expense of her sister.

Many readers also pointed out that this wedding situation is not a one-time thing. Moving forward, if the bride is willing to exclude her sister's partner from her wedding day, she will likely do so for other family events to keep the peace.

What do you think? Should the sister not show up to the wedding out of principle for her same-sex partner being excluded? Or should she and her girlfriend just show up anyways, and tell the homophobic in-laws to deal with it?

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