Man Refuses to Adopt Ex-Girlfriend's Purebred Dog

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The purebred pup was ultimately sent to the pound.

The internet has come in hoards to support a Reddit user after he went to the site to share the story of how you refused to take in his ex-girlfriend's purebred dog, who was ultimately sent to a pound.

The now-viral post, which was published on Sunday, November 21st, has gained 10,000 upvotes and close to 1,000 comments.

The man begins the post with some context:

"In the final two months of our 3-year but quickly dissolving relationship, my ex bought a 2-month-old purebred Labrador Retriever puppy to the tune of $1,200."

The author is now wondering whether he was in the wrong for what happened next.

Puppies cannot save a dying relationship.

The man states that both he and his ex-girlfriend knew their relationship was in the ending stages, but neither of them wanted to accept that was the case.

He went on to explain that his partner wanted to adopt a dog, and that she was going to pay for everything associated with the pet, who would also be under her name. The man also explained that he had adopted three cats from a shelter previously, and paid for everything associated with them.

"The cats were absolutely terrified of the dog, which hastened the end of our relationship. The cats came with me and moved out. Over amicable separation, we did not keep in contact. I never asked about the dog, nor did she about the cats."

When the past comes knocking, with a puppy in tow.

Two years pass, and the author and his ex-girlfriend have barely had any contact.

Then, completely out of the blue, the ex-girlfriend reached out to the man and asked him to take in the dog for a bit of time. The ex-girlfriend was apparently moving in with her current boyfriend, who she had been seeing prior to the breakup with the author, and the new boyfriend's apartment didn't allow pets.

"She asked that I take care of 'our dog' until they bought a house together. I said no."

The ex asked the author why he wouldn’t, he just said he didn’t want to. She tried to guilt-trip the man by stating that the dog was “part of the family”, but the man stated that he didn’t see the dog that way, and wouldn’t be taking it in for any amount of time.

Who is legally responsible for the pup?

Looking at this story from a legal standpoint, seeing as the dog was adopted in the ex-girlfriend’s name, she is the one legally responsible for it. Furthermore, the author only lived with the dog for two months, while the woman had been the dog’s caregiver for the past two years.

The man further explained,

"I have four cats now, my own house, an unpredictable work schedule, and no desire for a dog and the increased responsibility that comes with one. I told her to look for a long-term boarding kennel, she said she would never."

The ex then went on to beg the man, saying she was looking for a house as soon as possible, and that she wasn't sure if the dog would need to be looked after for a week or a few months.

Drawing a line in the sand.

After the man gave a final 'no', he said that his ex blocked him, but then unblocked him a few days later so that she could blame him for getting the dog taken away from her.

"A few days ago she unblocked me and unleashed a textual barrage to the effect that I had gotten her dog taken away from her and I owed her the price she paid for him. Apparently, she surrendered him to the local APL, believing they would just hold him for her."

The man explained that the dog was adopted out of the shelter quickly, which wasn't a surprise at all as there aren't many well-trained and purebred dogs brought into shelters.

He concluded his post by saying,

"Why she didn't, you know, board him somewhere is a great question. Like I said I suggested it, but I'm also the devil so she disregarded it immediately. Some of my family who knew her while we were together think I'm in the wrong. Am I?"

The internet had a lot to say about this situation.

Readers were quick to validate that the man was not in the wrong in this situation. They pointed out that it was completely incomprehensible for this woman, two years after breaking up, to expect him to babysit her dog so that she could move in with the man she cheated on him with, and buy a house.

Others pointed out that the family members who were giving the man a hard time could have offered to take in the dog themselves if they were so upset about the situation. Yet, none of the family members volunteered to do that, so why did they feel justified to berate the man about it?

What are your thoughts? Should the man have taken in the dog for an unverified amount of time so that his ex-girlfriend didn't lose custody? Or should the ex-girlfriend have taken other lengths to protect the ownership of her dog, such as boarding it or just not moving in with her new boyfriend yet?

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