Husband Complains about Wife's Eating Habits After Weight Loss Surgery

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She is beyond confused by her husband's logic.

Reddit is up in arms after a woman claims in a viral post that her husband is criticizing her eating habits post weight loss surgery.

The woman, who underwent weight-loss surgery in 2019, explains that the procedure "shrank her stomach so she can't eat a ton".

The now-viral post, published on the weekend, has already received 10,000 upvotes and 1,200 comments.

Lifestyle changes after major surgery are common and expected.

While the woman didn't specify which type of weight loss surgery she received in the post, weight-loss surgeries, in general, are used to limit the amount of food that a stomach can hold, which reduces the number of calories and nutrients the body can absorb.

Because the author of the post fills up easily, she explains that she often has to take home leftovers when going out to eat. But for some odd reason, this is a contentious issue for her husband.

"My husband hates it when I order food and take it home. He thinks it's a waste of food and money."

Being wasteful, or just being practical?

This topic has now become an argument in their household.

"We recently went out to dinner with friends and I ordered a chicken dish. I felt full and asked if I could get a box. The waitress brings me over the box and I see my husband roll his eyes. He looks at the rest of the food and says there are a ton of people that would appreciate receiving a meal. I started feeling embarrassed and apologized to my friends."

The woman goes on to explain that on the way home, she got in a massive argument with her husband about that evening.

To add salt to the wound, the husband stated that going out to eat hasn't been "as enjoyable" since his wife got weight loss surgery.

The woman now wants to know if she's in the wrong for taking leftovers home after eating out.

Readers were shocked by this story.

Online users were quick to come to the defense of the woman. They expressed how the husband's reaction to her bringing home leftovers was "very bizarre". They couldn't understand why the husband finds this embarrassing.

Moreover, readers were especially confused by the husband's twisted logic. If one is ordering food and then taking the leftovers home to eat later, "how is it a waste of food and money?".

What do you think? Is the woman justified in not overeating after having weight-loss surgery? Or is the husband the one who's justified by feeling embarrassed that his wife takes home so many leftovers from restaurants?

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