Woman Won't Let Sister-in-Law Stay at Her House for Thanksgiving While Menstruating

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She's wondering if she's in the wrong for putting her foot down.

A woman has taken to Reddit to find out if she's the bad guy for refusing to let her sister-in-law stay at her house over Thanksgiving if she's menstruating.

The post has gone viral and has already received 10,000 upvotes and 1,300 comments.

Internet users have very strong opinions about this contentious topic, and they were quick to side with the woman who authored the Reddit post.

Lacking common courtesy and hygiene.

The woman explains that her sister-in-law invited herself to stay at her brother's home for Thanksgiving, but she (his wife) has stipulations for this arrangement.

The wife refuses to let the sister-in-law stay if she's menstruating, and the history behind what caused this decision is pretty appalling.

The woman goes on to explain:

"A few times in the past she has come to my home and stayed while she has been on her period. Both times she slept in our guest room and ruined our sheets and mattress pads. It looked like a massacre."

The wife says that matters only got worse when they would find the dirty sheets in the laundry, and the bloodstains on the mattress pad. The sister-in-law would not tell her brother or his wife that she made the mess.

Additionally, the sister-in-law would leave wrappers and bloody hygiene products in the toilet without flushing, as well as fluids on the toilet without cleaning it up.

When a brother is too embarrassed to address a woman's bodily functions.

The wife told her husband that he had to say something to his sister, but he explained he was too embarrassed to do so. The woman went on to say that the sister-in-law was moving out of the country soon, so she thought that would solve their problems.

However, the problem is in no way solved:

"She just informed us that she's coming for Thanksgiving, and I informed her that I don't want her sleeping over if she's on her period, because the last few times she left a nasty mess and it was disgusting

The sister-in-law cursed her out and called her rude, saying that no one in their family liked her and only tolerated her because she was married to the brother.

The wife expressed that she wasn't bothered by this fact, but she still wasn't going to let an adult stay in her home who "couldn't control or clean up after herself" while menstruating.

How much leniency should be given to a grown woman's hygiene?

The wife concludes her post by saying that she understands that having a heavy flow is unpleasant, but that it's unacceptable to leave a mess for other people to clean up, and frankly it's disgusting.

She's now asking the internet if she was in the wrong for drawing the line with her sister-in-law.

The internet was quick to support the wife. Many said that it was completely disgusting, unsanitary and rude for the sister-in-law to leave the messes that she did. They go on to say that menstruation isn't the problem here, it's the fact that "the sister-in-law is disrespectful".

Many of the readers came into the post anticipating that they would see the wife in the wrong, but after reading the entire situation they can see that the wife is completely within her right to make the boundary that she did.

What do you think? Was the wife justified to not let her sister-in-law stay for Thanksgiving? Or is she just being nasty to her in-law?

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