Sister Refuses to Let 600lb Brother Move in With Her

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She's turning to the internet to find out if she was in the wrong.

A Reddit post published on November 17th has gone viral since a sister is asking the internet to be honest about whether or not she's in the wrong for refusing to let her morbidly obese brother, Teddy, move in with her.

The post has already received 16,000 upvotes and 1,500 comments. Internet users have a lot to say about this situation.

The sister begins her post by explaining that her brother, Teddy, was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, and for the first 3 minutes of his life he wasn't breathing. Though there was no serious harm from this incident, her parents have always used his birth story as "an excuse" for all of his bad behavior.

The woman explains that her childhood was virtually "a living hell" because of this, and it hasn't gotten any better in adulthood.

Favoring one child over the other.

She goes on to explain that she would be forced to give her little brother her candy, let him open her presents on her birthday, and each time she tried to complain to her parents about it, they would remind her that "he died coming into this world".

"I had to put up with Teddy's tantrums, abuse, fits and bad behavior. If I touched a single hair on his head, I got punished while Teddy got away with whatever he did."

The situation even got so bad that the sister moved out of the house at age 15, and began living with other family members.

Now adults, but the parents are still babying their favorite son.

The woman is now 35, and Teddy is 26. She has very limited contact with her parents and brother. She says that things got even more complicated when Teddy turned 18 and decided he wanted to be "a competitive eater".

The sister explains how this just became an excuse for Teddy to eat as much as he wanted, and now he weighs close to 600lb. This weight gain has caused serious issues for her parents.

"He can't hold a job and lives with our parents who still cater to him and pay for everything. Since Teddy requires around the clock care, my parents hardly leave the house."

Because of their son's constant needs, her parents did not attend their daughter's wedding and they have only seen their grandchildren a handful of times when she hosted them for dinner.

What are an adult's responsibilities when it comes to the care of their siblings?

Things got even worse when Teddy had a fall and ended up in the hospital. When the sister went to visit him, her parents took her aside and asked for her and her husband to provide "a large amount of money" to cover the costs of Teddy's care.

Her parents went on to explain that they were out of money, and were even taking funds from their retirement accounts. They suggested that Teddy move in with his sister once he recovered, because the woman and her husband were "well off with a bigger house".

The sister refused their requests for money to cover his care, and absolutely shut down any chance of Teddy moving in with her.

Once leaving the hospital, the woman who authored the Reddit post said that her mother called her and accused her of "abandoning the family", whereas the woman replied that she was not caring for her brother under any circumstances and that he was "not her problem".

The sister is now conflicted and feeling bad, wondering if she is being a bad daughter for refusing to help out her parents.

The internet was quick to come to her defense, stating firmly that all responsibility falls squarely on Teddy's parents. The parents enabled him to become morbidly obese, and allowed his bad behavior his entire life. Users say that his current situation is the result of their bad parenting, and that they failed their son.

What are your thoughts? Should the sister help her parents fund Teddy's care, or is she in the right to create a line in the sand and offer no further assistance?

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