Husband Steals Former Son's Savings for Golf Trip

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The wife is understandably distraught and angry.

A viral Reddit post that was published on November 20th has already collected 17,000 upvotes for a very upsetting story.

A grieving mother, whose son recently passed away, has turned to Reddit to ask internet users if she is rightfully justified to be so angry with her husband. Her husband is her second marriage, making him the stepfather of her recently deceased son.

Everyone grieves in different ways, and that is completely normal. But the husband is being slammed on social media for his actions recently following the death of his stepson.

An already traumatic experience only made worse.

The pain and suffering to come from losing a child are unimaginable for many. But for this mother who authored the now-viral post, it is, unfortunately, a tragic reality.

She explains that she lost her 13-year-old son just 3 months ago, after a lengthy battle with cancer.

"It was so devastating to me and his dad (my ex-husband), and grief has been tense in those months."

Despite being separated, the parents still worked as a strong pair to support their child throughout his treatment, leading up to his ultimate passing.

But it is the actions of the stepfather in the months following the death of the child that has left this woman even more devastated than she already was.

What to do with the 'emergency fund'?

The mother explains that she and her ex-husband had previously set up an emergency fund for their son, whether it be for medical expenses or other things.

However, when she went to go check financial records following the passing of her child, she was alarmed to learn that her current husband had used the funds to pay for a golfing trip with his friends in another country.

The woman confronted her spouse and he justified his actions by saying that he "needed support too" and went on the trip to "lift some weight off of his chest" because she had been "pushing him to the side and ignoring him" since the death of his stepson.

Whose funds were they to spend?

In response to being accused of ignoring her husband, the woman stated that she was "grieving and needing space" after the death of her son.

"He wasn't the one who lost the child. Despite him being the stepparent, my husband made it clear he never felt any connection to my son, basically blaming his medical condition for not having a chance to bond."

From there, the situation escalated, and the women's ex-husband (the father of the deceased child) found out that her current spouse had spent the emergency fund. The father confronted the stepdad, and called him an "unhinged opportunist", threatening to sue the stepfather for taking the money.

Which husband is in the right?

The grieving mother made it clear that she supported her ex-husband in suing her current husband.

"I told my ex-husband to go ahead and sue, and my husband was shocked that I agreed and condoned this mistreatment of my ex-husband towards him. He asked me to tell my ex to step down, but I said no."

The stepfather has accused his wife of "ganging up on him" with her ex, and showing an utter disregard for his own grief and sorrow.

The wife asked the internet if she was in the wrong for supporting her ex in suing her current spouse for the money he spent on the golf trip that was put aside for her dying child.

The internet showed overwhelming support for the mother, stating that her current spouse was inappropriate for taking the money for himself, and had "simply just stolen" the money. They also point out that he only seems to be "playing the victim once he's been caught".

One user even insinuated that it seemed like the stepfather was "waiting for the child to pass so that he could use the money for a fun trip for himself".

What do you think? Is the grieving mother in the right for supporting her ex in suing her current husband, or should she be more empathetic to her husband also grieving the death of his stepson?

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