Mother Refused to Protect her Daughter from Neglect and Abuse

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The 'spineless' mom is being absolutely slammed by the internet for her failing her daughter.

In a viral Reddit post published on Wednesday, November 17th, a mother is asking the internet if she was in the wrong for not calling out her son for treating her daughter badly.

The post has already received more than 8,500 upvotes, and 2,700 comments, and the numbers just keep growing.

It's safe to say this woman didn't bargain for the absolute blasting she would receive from the internet when publishing her post.

Favoring one child over the other.

The woman begins by explaining that she has two children, a daughter, Emma, and a son, Ben. The mother explains how when the children were younger, their father "spoiled" Ben, but "wasn't very nice" to Emma.

The mother recounts her daughter's childhood with:

"This upset her and she would cry, feeling unfairly treated. I felt bad that I couldn't do anything about it so felt it better to pretend it wasn't happening and hope it got better."

As if this statement weren't shocking enough from any mother, she continued:

"Emma struggled to cope with this and I think expected me to stand up for her but I hate confrontation and her father never listens to me anyway. I preferred not to discuss it with Emma and focus on other things but she said I didn't allow her to be upset and didn't validate her."

Watching her daughter be abused from the sidelines.

The mother says that as the kids grew older, their relationship fizzled out by the time they were adults. However, when her husband reached out to their daughter to try and repair the relationship, Emma thought she should do the same with her brother, Ben.

The mother explains that Emma and Ben were on good terms for a couple years, until one day Ben just stopped speaking to Emma.

The mother added:

"Emma was upset and thinks it's because Ben doesn't like their father's interest in her. Ben hasn't given her an explanation but he told me a silly reason, that doesn't make sense."

The most passive and hands-off mother imaginable.

In an effort to console her adult daughter (which appears to be fairly new territory for this mother), the Reddit poster said that she told Emma she thought Ben had "behaved very badly".

Emma asked her mom if she'd expressed that opinion to Ben, and the mother confirmed that she had not. At that point, Emma lost it on her mother.

"She shouted at me that I have never stuck up for her or protected her and if I can't do it this one time she doesn't want a relationship with me. That I enable this behavior at her expense and she's sick and tired of it."

Following this encounter, the mother took to the internet to ask if she was the person in the wrong in this situation.

The internet has no patience for parents who enable abuse and neglect.

The mother asked for the internet's opinion, and oh boy, did she ever get one. Very loud and clear.

Pretty well every one of those 2,700 comments said the mother was in the wrong, and expressed sympathy for her daughter, Emma.

The mother was called 'spineless', told that she neglected her daughter, and said that she failed Emma her entire life, again and again.

Users shamed the mother for using excuses to validate why she never stuck up for her daughter, and why she allowed continued neglect and abuse to take place. Most of the internet agreed that Emma should cut her mother out of her life, and move forward happier without being manipulated by her blood family.

What are your thoughts? Do you think the mother should have stood up more for her daughter? Or do you think Emma needs to keep the past in the past and just move on, knowing the type of people her parents are?

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